I was watching a video of a “baby story” that was done by a hub/wife photography team that I follow. I’ve started browsing some video inspiration because one day I’ll upgrade my camera, I hope, and be able to more easily add in some video options to my product line. Anyway, there was this great video about this couple and their anticipation of baby, but the ONE thing that I could not get out of my head was the fact that the woman said when they got the positive preg-test her hubby got out the scotch and they “celebrated.” Does that seem a little on the wrong side to anyone else????? Just making sure that I’m not the only one. I suppose they could always show the video to their son later and say, “This is what’s wrong with you, Dear. So sorry about that.” Crazy!

Along those lines I’ve been contemplating my woeful sales person abilities. *sigh* It’s difficult for an extreme introvert like me to try to “sell” anyone on anything. I’m making baby step type progress, but I know there are scads of things I could be doing differently to sell more product. All of my being, however, recoils from gimmicks and manipulation of any kind. I just can’t seem to force myself to use someone’s beautiful baby images to emotionally manipulate them into buying something that they may not necessarily want. Somehow I have to find a balance, but… I’m not sure how yet. 😉

We’ve been playing with the kiddos on our trampoline nearly every evening lately. Leave the dishes and jump is my new motto. 😉 It really has been a lot of fun though! I was a little skeptical about the whole idea of having a trampoline with kids this small, but with the net enclosure it’s turned out to be a great thing!

Yesterday morning after I worked out I was lying on the couch under Stuart’s fleece blanket (cause it was COLD in here!) and I heard the unmistakable sound of “something” trying to munch through the foam that is blocking the gaps in the fireplace. Ugh! Nasty little critters!! Stay in the great outdoors where you belong!! I especially don’t want them around after reading about the California man who died of the Haunta virus recently. That’s scary stuff.

In sports news, in Myles vs. Cactus, Cactus was the undisputed winner in one round! Challenger Myles spent a rather noisy 10 minutes in the infirmary where surgery was performed on his foot and shoe. A purple popsicle was the consolation prize. In Rachel vs. Oven, Oven was the winner in two rounds. Rachel, burning from her loss in round one, attempted to trick Oven with her oven mitt tactic, but wily oven bested her for the second time in a scorching round two.

Today Qade saw a dust devil and he told me all about how it was “Going that way, and then it was going this way! And I was scared it was going to suck up our house!” 🙂 Such fun! I reassured him that those cant’ pick up our house. It was cute though!

We have reinstated “responsibility time” in our house today. The last chart and cards got demolished by Ella and I hadn’t put up a new one, lazy mommy! But I finally got it done and Stu laminated the cards for me this time so it should be a bit sturdier! 😉 The boys LOVED it! I didn’t get any whining or complaining when they came across the “pick up toys” card. They did all of their responsibilities (with a couple extra too) with happy hearts and earned a sticker for their charts! I was so pleased! Myles got the unload dishwasher card today, so I got to spend some time with him discussing the finer points of where the silverware all goes. 😉 I enjoyed it too!

This is THE WEEK we start K-5! I’m hoping that Myles’ book will get here before Wednesday, but if not I’ll come up with something for him to do. Actually Grandma Noggle will be here and has offered to keep the others busy while I’m helping Qade through his first day or two. That will be nice!

Ta ta, for now! Oh, I made a peanut butter pie this week. My firs one EVER! I used the Pioneer Woman’s recipe and it was yummy!!! I’ll share the recipe later! You’ll wanna try this one for sure! ?

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