Homemade Foamy Hand Soap

Do you like foamy hand soap? I didn’t have a preference for a long time, but gradually I’ve realized that the foamy stuff makes WAY less mess when you’re talking about littles learning to wash their hands. 😉 A couple pumps of the not-foamy kind and you’re left with a sink FULL or overflowing with bubbles. Great fun! Not to mention a good excuse for playing longer in the water and drenching the sink, floor and hand towel all at once. Yes, I have experience!

Anyway, I don’t like to buy the foamy stuff often because it’s expensive, and look as I may, I couldn’t find “foamy refills.”

Enter Pinterest!

One time while waisting time researching great ideas on pinterest, I came across a pin about DIY foamy refill. Imagine my surprise when I figured out that the main ingredient in those over priced foamy hand wash things is… get this….


Being the fairly smart person that I am, you’d think I could have figured that out on my own. Water + Soap = Bubbles!! But alas, I didn’t. However, I have fully taken advantage of someone else’s smarts, and am now making my own foamy hand wash.

The first thing you’ll need, obviously, is a foamy hand wash bottle. SO go ahead and make that purchase. Just bite your lip when you want to scream that you are paying that much for a bit of soap and water. 😉 No worries, you’ll make up for it later! I was actually given some amazing scented ones from Bath & Body Works as a gift, and yes, those are reusable as well!!

Once you need to refill here’s what you do. Get your empty bottle (I like to rinse/scrub ours pretty well since the lads tend to leave dirt and gunk all over the spout) and your regular liquid hand soap to use as a refill.

(commercial break: I will be doing a post later about making your own liquid hand soap, but right now we still have quite a bit left from our previous Costco purchases, so I’ll be using that up first)

Pour about an inch worth of soap into your foamy bottle. Like so… (p.s. this shot was really hard to take because I was shooting with my right hand, and pouring with my left, but I’m right handed! The things I do for you, ha ha!)

By the way, I have used this method with about a Tbs of the liquid castile soap, and it worked just swimmingly too, so use what you’ve got.

Next, fill up the bottle with good ol tap water. (You could be REALLY good and use purified or distilled, but I don’t)

Screw the top back on and then tilt the bottle back and forth to mix the water and soap. You don’t want to shake it or you’ll end up with a sudsy mess.



Foamy suds to be proud of! And LOOK at the size of that hand soap refill bottle. Do you have any idea how long that thing is going to last using this method??? Savings right there!!!

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