This n’ That

This morning’s breakfast was brought to you by Nutella! The perfect spread for toast when you are tired of trying to eat healthy! 😉 Tomorrow it’s back to oatmeal, ha ha!

Thursdays are my day of the week when I try to take it a little easier. This week I have been playing catch up a bit with trying to get on top of laundry and other house work. Last night I had this “ugh I’m SO done” feeling, so today I am indeed taking it a little easier. I believe I will fit in some “crafting” this afternoon rather than do more house stuff. I’m even going to use the crockpot for dinner! 😉 Fridays, I do more of the “for looks” cleaning so that we’re all set for the weekend. Ya know, like scrubbing the bathroom, and (possibly) mopping. 😉 I don’t have to vacuum any more so that’s nice!!

Working on a new method to deal with some back-talk issues today. It’s the sit-in-the-chair-till-the-timer-rings method. Each time backtalk happens a minute gets added to the time. Hopefully this will help get some little noggins thinking about their behavior a little more.

(different day)

I woke up at 5:30 this morning, plus one small snooze, to workout. I don’t enjoy getting up early (at all), but one of my friends recently pinned something that said, “It’s easier to get up early and work out than it is to dislike what you see in the mirror every day.” Or something to that effect. It’s true, so here I go!.. again. 😉 My workouts have been sporadic at best this summer. Time to dig in and have a consistent routine again.

Today I made another turtle. Somehow though (lack of pinning?) it came out a little uh… not as round. It’s still cute though. 🙂 Perhaps the youngster who gets it won’t notice that it’s not so symmetrical. 😉

I found a printable today that I might hang over my machine. It says “Sewing is cheaper than therapy” Ha ha ha!!

Today our videos came in. I have not informed Qade of this yet. I hope he doesn’t ask for a few days. 😉

I recently ordered some “calm down” toys from Amazon. I was inspired by some similar homemade concepts that I saw on pinterest. However, the thought of my kids and a glass jar full of glitter-water made me feel anything but calm, so I found some alternatives! 🙂 More on that to come in a subsequent post… with photos! 😉 Here’s hoping they work.

If the magic forcefield that surrounds the bathroom door so that Mommies cannot enter without complete pandemonium breaking out amongst the kids who were SO fine just .5 seconds before, could somehow be reversed to cover the kid’s door with a “sleepiness” filed, so that they nod off in their little beds the moment their heads touch the pillow, I would be one very very happy camper!! (hows that for an amazing run-on sentence? Please chime in mommy-pals and tell me that you know exactly what I am talking about)

I’ve been thinking about Christmas lately! (You’re not the only one it strikes early, Emily!) Probably because I’ve been plotting making Christmas gifts. I think most of the people I know will be getting a homemade gift of some sort from me this year. Hope you all don’t mind. 😉 Although I do have some actual purchases to make, but I can’t go into detail about this stuff because my family/friends read this blog! But I’m pretty pumped about my ideas, please just pretend that they don’t all look “homemade.” Ha ha!

Well, the monkeys are begging for some correction since the “sleepiness field” hasn’t kicked in in their rooms apparently, and I have some yogurt that needs attention as well. Homemade yogurt for tomorrow!! It’s really yummy with the peach “sauce” that I made that was supposed to be jam, but didn’t set. Ha!

Toodles for today!