PB inspired turtles

That’s “Pottery Barn” not peanut butter, just in case it threw you a little. 😉


For my second project I used the tutorial I pinned from THIS SITE. This was one of my earliest sewing project pins and I finally decided to try it out. After my good luck with my straight seems and the zipper installation on my other project I was full of confidence to tackle this one even though it had curves involved. 😉

The gal in the original post generously provided a printable pattern for these lil suckers, but for some crazy reason I could NOT get the pattern to print the right size. I figured oh well what’s a quarter of an inch anyway? Ha! When you’re dealing with an itty-bitty turtle tail and a novice sewer… it’s a world of difference!

So anyway, my prototype turtle DID eventually get sewn together, but the head was very quickly pulled loose by my test team. I have 3 members on my test team and they put things through a rigorous set of QC paces, so… I obviously needed to work on it a bit. 😉


My mom was here for a visit, so I put her to work cutting out pattern pieces for me while I finished up the second cube. She kindly added that extra 1/4 inch to the head and appendage pieces, and this time around it was SO much easier!! Not to mention it looks better too! I’m using some denim from the boys old room curtains, and some of the left over scraps from the girl’s floor cushions.


I think they turned out kinda cute! Ella loves to carry around the prototype turtle, so I know she’s going to enjoy hers when she opens it on Christmas. And I thought the fact that they match the floor cushions was a nice touch too. 😉

There you have it, second project in the bag! 😉

P.S. Thanks mom!!! 😉