Seven Years Ago

Seven years ago today I was a happy bride on my wedding day! 🙂 I love to think back to that day. It was SO much fun! That’s one thing I would wish for every bride. No matter what little details aren’t going “just so” no matter if the photographer ends up being a dud or the wedding video doesn’t turn out, or the frosting on the cake isn’t really the right color because the bakery didn’t actually MIX it before piping it 😉 the day should be a happy happy day and all of those things are trivial. Because they are!

Our wedding day was beautiful and perfect even if all of the above really did happen to us. 😉 The point was it was about commitment and love and as long as we ended up Mr. and Mrs. by the end of it all, that’s really all that mattered to us.

I enjoyed the day from start to finnish. My Aunt doing my hair in the morning while I sipped coffee. Getting to the church and sneaking a kiss from the groom even though “technically” we’re not supposed to see each other, right? 😉 Getting in my dress, that I absolutely LOVED and all the little finishing touches. It was fun!

I picked non-traditional music for our wedding. It started off with Fanfare for the Common Man by Copeland, and ended with the Hallelujah Chorus! 🙂 We were surrounded by our friends and family all happy and wishing us well, and we finally belonged to each other!

I’d been waiting for the man of my dreams for a long time, and now we were finally together!! But something I would learn in the following 7 years was that I didn’t marry the man of my dreams. I married a man above and beyond my dreams!

Life is NOT a perpetual honeymoon. Too bad, right? I mean, I’d like to be on vacation always, and have nothing to do but look for the next fun activity, and spend time eating brunch, that someone brought to me, on mountain lodge decks. But life is not that way. The movies always END at the beginning of “happily ever after” have you noticed? 😉

The “vacation” moments are fun, but every day life is where we live. It’s also where we are real. It gives us a chance to work together and for each other. I know that Stuart has ‘got my back’ on days where I’m really ready to unravel. Because believe it or not, I’m not the Suzy-homemaker, Marry Poppins, magic worker that has the house, dinner and the kids in spit-spot condition at all times. Sadly, no. But the man who is more than my dreams, doesn’t mind that I’m flawed. He’d admit that he is too, and he kindly and lovingly helps me through those less-than-Martha moments. 🙂

He has the character that I hope our boys have when they grow up! He is patient with me and the kids, and he’s a terrific Daddy! All three of them adore him and soak up all of the Dad attention they can get. He keeps his word, truly cares about people and he works hard! I’m often reminded just in little ways that come to me, how blessed I am to have a man who will work to provide so much for his family! And work so that I can stay at home with our kids! Even as I’m on the verge of starting the homeschool chapter in our lives, I know the only reason that I get this opportunity is because of my hard working hubby!

Stu actively seeks out ways to help make things easier on me, like finding our “Rosie” vacuum. That thought would probably never have entered my head, but he pursued it and did his homework, and even found an awesome deal on a gadget that really, REALLY helps me out!

I often think that I’m really not worthy of such an awesome man, but ya know, he got a pretty good deal as well. 😉 I’m so happy that he picked me! I’ve told him before, and it’s so true, that he is the ONLY man I could have ever been married to! Good thing God brought us together! And I’m so thankful that He did!

Seven years has FLOWN by and there are times I think it can’t possibly have been that long ago, and other times where it seems like we’ve always known each other and always been married. I love living life with my Hurb, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, ever!

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