The “project”

Well the stuff I’d been waiting on finally came in! Woo-Hoo! With the help of my mom and dad (yes, it took 3 of us to complete the project while battling off the seemingly zillions of little hands who were ever eager to “help” but just ended up making a mess) we got it done!

Here it is!


Ha ha! Hopefully that wasn’t anticlimactic for you. 😉

I got this idea for floor pillows from pinterest. I used THIS tutorial, and since it’s just a cube it really is pretty simple, though I confess I struggled wiht the corners. I’m still not quite sure I’m doing them the best way, BUT it’s a learn as I go kinda thing. I have like… uh…. 5 more of these to make. 😉

I got the inspiration for the handle HERE. I was originally going to make the cushions from that tutorial, but the fact that I would be dealing with circles and piping made it a little to intimidating. SO I opted for the square, but I’m really glad that I put the handle on because as soon as these things were stuffed Ella grabbed one and began to lug it around the house by the handle. YES!

I’m so proud of this little handle!

So I have two of these done. One for Ella de Bella (yep, she’s seen her Christmas gift already) and one for my niece Helen. (Shhhhh, don’t tell!) The boys know that these are gifts for Ella and Helen and they keep asking if they are going to get one too. 😉 I just hate to tell people what their gifts are. 90% of the fun for me is the surprise factor. So yes, the boys will all be getting these too, but I keep telling them, “I can’t tell you what your Christmas gifts are.” How in the WORLD are they going to wait for Christmas when they are already asking about it in August??


The dimensions on mind are 17 inches top and bottom and it’s about 12 inches deep. They are filled with beanbag fill, so I’m going to have to stitch the zippers closed once they are stuffed, because it would be a terrible-horrible-no good-very bad-day if they got that thing opened while they were jumping on it or dragging it around the house. And I’d like for my friends and relations to not hate my guts for the rest of my life. 😉

Here’s Qade sitting on one to kinda show you the perspective. He was so obliging to be my little model. 😉


“What’s that he’s holding?” you ask. 😉 Well, so happy you are curious. That is one of my other projects that is going to go along with the cushion. BUT I’ll save that for a future post. 😉



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