Lazy lazy

That’s me. 😉

I was telling my mom last night that since I have a washer to wash my clothes for me, and a dishwasher to wash the dishes, and a robot vacuum to do the sweeping and vacuuming, all I have left to do is sit on the couch and eat bon-bons. 😉

Then I confessed that I don’t even know what a bon-bon is really.

Well, it may not be the same as bon-bons but I’m going to make some homemade fudgesicles today with milk and nutella. Thank you, pinterest. 😉 I’ll letcha know how those go.

I had a baby shoot this week. Kinda funny because my parents came all the way to see me, and I ditched them with the kids to go to their house and take photos of a baby. She was SO cute! Thick black hair and adorably pouty, squishy lips! 😉 You can see a couple of her photos on if you’re curious.

My grandma’s tomato plants are fabulous! In fact they are doing SO well that Oma is overrun by tomatoes! So she gave some to us! Which is very kind because with all of our various growing experments for this year, we have ONE tomato growing. Yes, that’s right. Out of about 10 tomato plants that we tried to grow, 4 had survived to the point where there were tiny blossoms on them. But then we took a trip to see family over July 4th and 3 of the 4 died while we were gone. SO we have one plant that has at this point produced one green tomato. I think we should bronze the thing since it’s turned out to be the most expensive tomato EVER. Ha ha! Oh well, we learned a lot, and I’m sure our experiences this year will lead to a bumper crop of tomatoes next year, right? 😉

At any rate I have quite a few tomatoes to do “something” with. After thinking about it some, I decided to go with a “roasted tomato soup” recipe that popped up on my RSS the other day. Great timing! Since I have no canning or making tomato sauce from fresh tomato experience, I think this is the best way to go! I’ll letcha know.

I’m still waiting for the supplies I need to complete my project. It’s irritating me because I really want to be able to take photos and brag about share my accomplishments with you. Ha ha! Patience is not my best virtue.

Hummer wars continue at my feeders each day. 😉 They are hilarious to watch! In fact I just saw one buzzing around my window. By the looks of him, he was trying to intimidate his own reflection!! Poor guy… maybe he needs a little more time at the feeder. They have started to use the ‘cheap’ feeder that I got since I figured out that I was just tightening it too much. They were kind of forced into using it because I let their other feeder go dry just to see if they would. But I still think I’ll get a different one because the last time I hung them up the cheap feeder dribbled nectar all over me and of course that means that I was STICKY!!! We simply cannot have that!

Stu and I get to go on a date this evening! Woo-Hoo!!!

Have you ever tried a watermelon diet? 😉 I’ll write about it sometime.

I’ve been experiencing some ‘just-wanna-smack-my-head-on-the-wall’ moments with a child of mine lately. It’s extremely frustrating to me to have to recover old ground. At least in my mind it’s old ground. I have no idea what the thought process is on the other end. But if you think about it, pray for my sanity and patience. Some days I feel I’m the most ill-qualified person for this whole “mom” job, but I know that’s not true. It just “feels” true. 😉

I’m making yogurt today. I’ve been going through withdrawals from my homemade yogurt, but it seemed like we were going through milk at a record pace and I could never find a “spare” half-gallon for my yogurt. The mystery was solved, however, when Stuart told me that he had been having late night snacks of glasses of chocolate milk and Cheese-it’s. (huh??) The milk I could understand, but not liking those not-so-real-cheese-tasting crackers on any occasion, the combo seems very strange to me. 🙂 It seems strange to him too, but I guess you can’t help what you crave.

Last night I showed the boys how to make a fruit fly trap with apple cider vinegar in a dish with plastic wrap over the top. After they had gone to bed, I happily watched 3 little flies find their way into the trap. This morning I hoped to see many casualties in the trap, but alas, there were only the original 3. Perhaps they shouted out warnings to the rest before they met their demise. Whatever the case there are still a lot more fruit flies alive and flying than there are trapped and dead.

(BTW I read online about someone who was trapping them and releasing them outside because they didn’t want to kill anything. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions about that one.) 😉

Well, I’ve wiled away enough time online, and I really want to work on my “projects” some more before the hoodlums awake. 😉 Toodles for today!

P.S. If you read my post about the baked potatoes, I left out one very important step that you might want to make sure you get before you try the recipe. POKE HOLES IN THE POTATO SKIN BEFORE YOU BAKE IT! Just sayin’ 😉