Made me smile

Do you really think there is a better way of saying “love ya!” to a friend than by sending them something special and spontaneous in the mail? 🙂 I know there are other ways, but when you live a million miles (give or take a few) from everyone, this way seems great! 🙂 I’ve had a couple of friends who have done this for me from time to time. Whether it’s a little book about coffee that they picked up and mailed because it made them think of me, or a little something cute for my munchkins, I always feel super duper special to get a package from a friend. I need to do this more often too. Actually, I have a plan in mind, so be on the look out! 😉

A very special friend recently sent Ella some cuteie-pie shoes! Ella LOVES them! Probably because they are all pink and girly, she’s that way, she prefers them to all her other shoes!

What fun!

I’m afraid my daughter is going to have a curse of big feet like her mommy. Poor thing! BUT even if she does I won’t be making fun of her feet! I had a complex for a lot of years and wouldn’t even wear sandals!! Ha ha! I’ve gotten over that for sure! These shoes will last out the summer and then have to be retired. It was such a nice gesture though! I mean, when people do something nice for your kids, even when they have never even met them, it really makes you feel good, ya know?

Here she is saying “shooooooz” 🙂 Can you see it?


Thanks for the shoes, Lisa! It made us both smile! 😀