Love Language

I have read the book “The 5 Love Languages” at least 2 times. Maybe three. 🙂 I read it before I was married and thought it was amazing! I was teaching at the time and “struggling” with a couple of my students. SO I did a little experiment and tried a different “love language” when I was teaching them. Wow! The change was nearly instantaneous in their response and behavior toward me. I was shocked!

Kids adapt/respond to things generally quicker than adults do I’ve noticed, but I figure that if it works for children it will work for big people too! 🙂

I have long known that my “primary” love language was quality time. But just for kicks I took their little online survey that breaks down the love languages for you. Here are my results. Keep in mind that the highest you can score on any of them is 12.

Love Language Scores:
9 Words of Affirmation
11 Quality Time
1 Receiving Gifts
4 Acts of Service
5 Physical Touch

Funny that receiving gifts is my least. Hmmm…. I like Christmas and birthdays as well as the next, right. 😉 Ha ha! This quiz was fun because I really hadn’t thought too much about what my “secondary” language might be and such. Now I know. Cool!

Anyway, I think that it’s a very good thing to know your own love language, and to know your hubby’s and kids. Or the people closest to you in any case. If you don’t know how the people you love the most receive love then how do you know that they feel loved by you? It makes sense really. And if you’ve never read the book I HIGHLY recommend it!! There is one specifically for kids too!

Stu and I have different primary love languages, which is common, but it’s so helpful for me to remember that. I can keep in mind that I need to be showing him love in ways that he’ll feel loved, and I can better communicate to him what I need by knowing my own love language. Reading the book you get a pretty good sense of what your love language is, but taking the little quiz is fun too! 😉 So if you feel like doing that, and it’s a way to open the conversation with your spouse as well, you can find it at just click on the ‘assessments’ tab at the top.

And if you have never read the book, you should. It’ll seriously change the way you look at your relationships. I’ve plugged it before, and I’ll likely plug it again. 😉 Stu and I went to a marriage seminar by the author of the book and it was very good too! And seriously, you can’t ever have enough helpful tools when it comes to the important relationships in your life.

Read it! 😉