This n’ That

It’s raining!! It smells amazing! Love it!

There is a little flock of hummingbirds who fight with each other for my feeder. I thought I’d help solve the problem buy getting one of the 97 cent feeders from Wally World and putting up a second feeder. BUT for some strange reason, they will NOT feed out of the cheaper feeder. Hmmm…. weird! The other one does have a perch around it, but other than that I can’t figure out why they wouldn’t. Maybe I’ll get a second “perch” one sometime. There really are too many of them for one feeder, but it’s pretty entertaining to watch them fuss about it. 😉

I’m going to make some coconut oil chocolates today. I haven’t made any for awhile, and I’ve been craving chocolate lately. Might as well go the good-stuff route!

I’ve been pushing furniture around again today. Stu doesn’t always follow the winding train of thought that blasts through my brain when I do this. Ha ha! 😉 So when he came home today he made a couple of practical suggestions as I was trying to come up with a good “space” for school. He’s so fantastic! Of course I’d like to think that my concepts were really the best, but it didn’t take long for me to recognize that his thoughts were much better suited to how our home is set up right now. 😉

Some days I like Adele and others she just gets on my nerves. I need to change the playlist because she’s right on the edge of the nerves part right now! 😉

I keep getting a PO box full of political flyers these days. Ugh! I had 3 or 4 from one guy in my mailbox today. So I did what someone from the convention suggested doing, e-mailed to ask his campaign if he’s a supporter of parent’s rights to homeschool. 😉 I’m pretty sure he is Mormon, so I would imagine the answer is yes.

I still haven’t taken Qade’s 5 yr old photos. Now that his tooth is gone I have no excuses for this. The problem is that I have this concept in my brain of how I’m going to set up the backdrop with balloons. And blowing up that many balloons is a big job… so I’ve been procrastinating. BUT the little cloud hanging over my head telling me “you should DO this” is getting super annoying, so I guess I’d better do it, huh? 😉

Nap/Rest time has become my most UNfavorite part of the day. Lately it’s been one HUGE battle from beginning to end, and I just can’t stand it!

Tonight’s dinner will be grilled chicken over green salad with avocado, and one of the many melons that I bought from Costco. I have NO idea what I was thinking when I bought one large watermelon, two golden dewliscious melons and a bag of 3 cantaloupe! Ha! We’re going to all turn into melons over here!

I’m going to relocate my craft table to my studio space. Crafting is a messy business! And while I try to keep things as organized as possible, things still look messy til, ta-da!, it turns out to be an amazing thing when it’s done. But I’d rather not have it spread out all over our living space. The studio isn’t used VERY frequently since mostly I’ve been doing location shoots. I think I can combine studio and craft space without too much difficulty. 😉

Well, guess that’s all for now. I must go reiterate to our lads that it is rest time (again). Wish me luck. 😉