So you remember the Jetsons right? Of course you do! 😉 Recently we have added a special futuristic device to our household. Actually it was all Stu’s own idea and research that led to the acquisition of our “Rosie.”


Rosie is a robot vacuum! I have to admit that when Stuart first pitched the idea to me I wasn’t too excited about it. My “experience” (as in what 2 or 3 people have told me about them) was that they weren’t that great at actually picking up stuff, they just rumbled around the house crashing into things and falling down stairs. 😉 Ha!

But I underestimated my man. I should have known that he’d put time and effort into researching this product. He’s good that way. 😉 I tend to be the more impulse buy type, but not Stuart. So anyway, he discovered this robot vacuum that is called Neato. Apparently all those things I had heard of robotic vacuums are true of the other brand, but not so with our Rosie. 😉


This thing has some kinda of laser scanner on top that takes in the room and keeps the robot from running into things. So rather than just blindly vacuuming into things, this one will actually move around the legs of tables and such. It’s pretty entertaining to watch it navigate around!

I didn’t realize that I would so quickly be converted to the land of robot vacuums, but let me tell ya, a couple of days of NOT having to sweep the kitchen/dining room made me a believer! Oh yes, Rosie does the hard floors as well as the carpet.


The one area that it’s weak would be the edges of the room. SO I’ll have to bust out our other vacuum and get the edges really well now and then, but those don’t worry me much. Not much traffic/gunk gets in those spots anyway. 😉 Rosie does her rounds after dinner each night, and it’s so nice to have clean floors! I’m always amazed at how much stuff ends up in her dust bin EVERY day! Wow!

Stuart says that it’s helping his allergies to have the floors cleaner, and I like not sweeping. 😉 The kids get a kick out of the robot, and the cat detests it! Ha ha! Here’s my largish hand in the shot to show the size (sorta) of the robot. It’s not teeny, but it’s not huge. It’s charging station is under where my craft table currently is, and it’s out of the way, and totally unobtrusive.

Rosie has become a great addition to our family. 😉 She’s not a cow or a goat or a hamster or a cat, but we all think she’s pretty cool!

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