More time for blogin?

So, quitting facebook was supposed to give me more time to keep up with my blog right? 😉 Ha! Things have been busy this summer. Everyone I know can understand that statement and could probably even give my busyness a run for the money. But either way, I do want to blog better or something. Some days my brain just “won’t” blog and other days it’s full of all kinds of fun blogs. Guess which days I end up with NO time to sit at the computer? 😉

Anyway, this will be just a quick this n’ that type blog to let you know I am still alive and kicking.

I went to the homeschool convention this last weekend. It was encouraging and overwhelming and HUGE! I will be discussing some of the things from that experience in my “musings” blog if you care to read them. Stuart has asked my why I felt the need to start another blog for my “homeschool ravings.” I’ll tell you, like I told him, I don’t know I just DO! 😉 Perhaps it’s silly of me to keep them separate, but for some weird quirky reason of my own, I’d like to keep my homeschool school life a bit separated from my “real” life. I know there will be overlaps, HUGE overlaps, but I don’t want homeschooling to become our life, and this one itty bitty area where I have the say so at least, I will keep them separate… for now. 🙂

I was going to devote a whole post to sticky. But I guess it’s not really important enough to deserve it’s own post. The thing is, everything has been sticky for some reason. When I got back from the convention and jumpped back into mommy/homemaker mode, I kept finding sticky stuff in random locations. Not from any fault of my Hurb who had the “Mr. Mom” duty. I’m pretty sure that he does a better job of keeping things clean than me, yeah. Nevertheless I kept running into sticky stuff. I don’t know if it was all from the same source, but it was showing up in random unrelated places. This is a problem because people who have known me from the time that I was a small dirt covered, uncombed, discheveled child, that I could NOT stand stickiness! I could handle the tangled hair and dirt, or mud, but if I so much as got a bit of tree sap on my fingers it was a BAD day. 😉 So finding the bottom of my foot sticky from stepping in something sticky somewhere was not happy. Then my shoe was also sticky. Presumably because I stuck my sticky foot in it. My daughter was sticky TOO, though this is not an uncommon event. There even ended up being something sticky ON my laptop. Wow…

Enough with the sticky stuff already!

We have a new family member. Her name is Rosie, and she is AMAZING!!! I will do a whole post on her sometime soon. Until then you will have to wait and wonder. Ain’t I cruel? 🙂

Ella has started to tell me when she would like a diaper change or when she would like to sit on the potty. This is fantastic! I would dearly love to have her potty train herself and be done buying diapers. The lads are still attempting a 5 night dry streak to earn their special gifts. Thus far they have 3 days in a row… several times. *sigh* Oh well.

I finally got the guts to try out my sewing machine!! Can’t wait to show you what I have made! But that will be for another post too.

(Notice all the teasers that I’m tossing out there? It’s incentive for you to come back and visit my blog again because I’m promising you new posts even though I havent’ been putting many out there lately. Ha ha!)

And this concludes this rather odd and unusual broadcast hour. Have a wonderful night!


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