Bathtub Paint “Project”

The one project a week thing hasn’t been so consistent this summer either. Like just about everything else. Oh well. We did this one this week and made our own bath paint.


The texture ended up a bit wonkey. I had been going by THIS tutorial I pinned, but didn’t actually look at the recipe BEFORE we started. I ended up getting it confused with a different recipe that uses cornstarch and so instead of 4 tbs I used a cup of the stuff! Explains a few things. 😉 Regardless, the lads had a grand time coloring the paint and at this very moment are having a fun time painting the tub. I might have a harder time cleaning up after the fact though, due to my mistake. Oh well…

This is what I used. A cup of baby wash… except I didn’t have enough so I made up the extra with hand soap… maybe another issue with the overall texture, who knows.
Oh and a little tip, use a soap that you like the sent of. This particular “baby magic” has been around our house for a LOOOOOOOONG time because we just didn’t care for the smell. And now my whole kitchen smells like it… and oh, another tip, use a glass dish to mix it all in. I used my regular mixing bowl and I’m pretty sure our pancakes for dinner tonight tasted a wee bit like this soap. Blah!

And use a cup 4 Tablespoons cornstarch. 😉

I mixed those two together myself and then divided it between these great containers I saved from when Ella was eating baby food! So handy, and the perfect size for something like this. 🙂

After that I let the lads get involved. I put a drop, or two, of food coloring in each one and let them mix it. At first we tried toothpicks.

Probably because of the extra thick texture the toothpicks weren’t the best option, so we switched to butter knives. 🙂


We had a little experiment in colors to make a couple of these, and the boys thought it was great fun to combine colors and see what would come out of it. 🙂

Here’s the resulting bath fun!

We’ll do this one again. Bath paint is fun! I like it cause it cleans up well, but next time I’ll pay better attention to the directions. 😉

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