Redneck Kiddie Pool

I think I need to get the kids a little plastic pool! Ha! I looked out the window the other day and this was what I saw.

They had emptied this bin of the toys it usually contains and had filled it with the hose.

Surprisingly enough Ella was the only one brave enough to be actually IN it for long. Myles never got in at all, and Qade just dabbled his legs in.


These kids never cease to amaze me at their ingenuity. They have this insatiable desire to play in water during these warm days, and I really don’t mind as long as they keep the hose on the grass. I do question myself for bothering to have them dressed each morning however as this is how they mostly end up.

Eventually a couple of “babies” that are typically indoor toys somehow got to come for a swim as well. Hmmmm….

I kept an eye on them from inside the window. THIS was the sight I was waiting for!!

I knew I had to get some shots of what that diaper would look like coming out of the tub!

It totally cracks me up to see her waddle around with this HUGE diaper! ha ha ha!! And let me tell you, when I took it off not only was it loaded… but it was also loaded! You mommies will understand. 😉 Needless to say all the monkeys are taking a bath, minus the stuffed animals!

Perhaps I should just make them wear swim clothes every day. Ha!

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