Well, it happened. July 12, 2012 Qade lost his first tooth. It’s premature so who knows when he’ll get a “big” tooth that he’s so interested in. Ha ha! But I confess that toothless kids are so stinkin’ cute!


One of his first questions when the tooth came out was, “Can I get my 5 yr old pictures done now?” So I guess now I really do have to get on the ball. 😉 I didn’t remember telling him that I wanted his tooth out first, but apparently I did, and he remembered it well.


His tooth was very loose, and he “chompped” it at breakfast that day and it started to bleed. He told me that he hurt his loose tooth, and I figured it was just barely hanging in there. Sure enough when he brought me some tissue it took a teeny little yank and out it came. 🙂 He didn’t even know it had happened till it was over…. just like it should be. 😉


He has been pretty thrilled with his new toothless face! I find him from time to time admiring his gap in the bathroom mirror. 😉

5 yr old photos will soon follow, but for now these will do.