Loose Tooth

Qade is fixin’ to lose his first tooth. It’s a little on the early side, but this tooth is rotten inside, and needs to be lost. So rather than pay the dentist to do it, we’ve been encouraging him to wiggle it on his own. Sure enough it’s good and loose! In fact if I just had the stomach to give it a good hard yank it would probably come right out. But I don’t want to leave the lad scarred for life since he’s already a little on the fence about it falling out anyway. 😉

Well tonight while the lads were wrestling with Daddy, Qade managed to bop his tooth on something and it started to bleed a little. The funny thing was that even though he kept sticking his fingers in his mouth and there was blood all over them, he still wouldn’t believe Myles when he said, “Qade there’s some red stuff on your teeth.” Ha ha ha!

So he went and showed Daddy and Daddy promptly took a photo with his phone and said, “Uh-huh, go show mommy.” Ha ha ha!

Qade came and “showed” me and I asked Myles to fetch some TP so I could “wiggle” Qade’s tooth. And this is the funny part. Myles was so enthralled with the whole process that he brought me this teeny little piece of tissue! Not once, but twice! I sent him back and asked for a BIG piece, and again a teeny wad was handed to me.

I happen to know that Myles knows how to unroll a lot of TP so I couldn’t figure out why he kept bringing me these small shreds. Finally I spread my hands wide and said, “Bring me a piece this size!” Funny boy!

Eventually I got enough TP and got a good grip. Qade was starting to wriggle and squeal though so I only got it good and looser for him. I’m hoping it’ll pop out in the next day or two. I still haven’t taken his five year old portraits because I want that tooth out first.

Silly me….