I’ve been so boring lately. Sorry. 🙂

In recent news I had my hair dyed purple and pink. Not all of it just some ‘peek-a-boo’ highlights. 🙂 I know I’m way too old for it, but I figure better to do it now before I get any older. It’s fun for the summer! I like it a lot!


I’m currently looking for a new (and good) straight iron. If you have any tips or advice, send it my way. I get way too easily frustrated with my cheepo wal-mart straightener.

I’m cooking dinner. Green chile, turkey enchiladas with spanish rice and black beans. It smells crazy good! I might eat first THEN call all the hard workers in for dinner. 😉

Listening to Michael Buble’ at the moment. Likey!!

Ella enjoys wearing dresses now, have I told you this? She will pull one out of her drawer and want me to put it on NOW over whatever else she has on. This is a step up from when she would fall on the floor in a heap of tears and drama at the sight of a skirt. 😉 Ha ha ha!!

The house is getting worked on again. The lads’ room will have a new, and larger, window on one side. Their current curtains therefore will not fit. This gives me the PERFECT excuse to buy those “black out” curtains for their room, on a hope that they may, maybe, just might sleep in a bit. 😉 Hey, I can dream!

I think I’m going to have fruit-loops for a bed-time snack tonight. I have food on the brain for some reason. Maybe because all I had for lunch was cottage cheese. Ha!

Anyway, I’ve run out of ramblings for now, amazingly. So I will bid you adieu!


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