Recent Fave’s

Here’s the post where I’m showing off sharing some of my recent photography favorites. 🙂 I thought I’d post a few here since I’m not always super-duper good about being consistent with the business blog. But that’s not a surprise, right? I’m not even super-duper consistent with THIS one! Ha!

So I’m happy that I’ve had a few newborns lately. It seemed for awhile like I just couldn’t get any in. It’s been fun even though it is a LOT of work for those little wee one’s sessions. It’s nice to enjoy working with the babies though. Honing in on what I really like to do with photography has been a process because there are so many facets of it.

This is my favorite image of my session with Maricela. She was a challenge! While she went to sleep really well, she startled very easily so positioning her in any way that was different from how she fell asleep was hard. AND I discovered that she objects to being on her tummy (so I’m glad I managed to get this shot) and she HIGHLY objects to being unclothen. Poor thing.;)


Still I got some cute photos of her anyway, and here’s the one the only ‘nakey’ shot that I managed. the rest were all in wraps, and that’s okay. Like I tell the parents, it’s the baby’s show and we’ll let them decide how it’s going to go.

Even in a wrap, she’s still cute! And ya gotta love that hair!!
DSC_2406 - Version 2

Bentley was SUCH a good model. He took awhile to konk out, but once he was out, he did splendidly! His only objection was the one time I had to take a cold wipe to his lil hiney. Yeah… that’s no fun I’m sure. 😉

I think this one is currently my favorite NB photo. (It changes from time to time)
Bentley 013

Hmmm… Actually maybe THIS one is my favorite…
Bentley 016

“Prop Shots” are new for me. I’ve mostly just done the bean bag poses with the little ones. You look at shots like this and think, “No sweat, I could do that!” Then you get into a session and realize that getting them INTO something without waking them up, and keeping their little face where you can see it, is a LOT of sweat. Especially when you’ve got the temp cranked up to the 90*’s in order to keep baby snug. Yeah….
Bentley 023

So, I’m experimenting with the prop thing a bit. I love the look of the wood flooring as a backdrop, but believe me when I tell you it is a LOT of work to set up and tear down. So if I’m going to do it then I want to get those shots.

With little Kyle here I did do a basket shot that I had planned on, but I ended up likeing the ones with him on his daddy’s bass so much better. What a great idea too! I love it when the parents have ideas that end up working out, and what a great memory this photo will be!

Kyle 017

This shot was my first successful composite. A composite is an image made from two (or more) images put together. This “pose” or ones similar are a HUGE fad with the newborn photographers now. However, people don’t realize in just looking at it that more work goes into it than just “somehow” propping the baby up on it’s hands. Most newbies can’t hold their head up like this, especially while sleeping! Ha! So I’m proud of this photo even though I see oodles of things I’d change about it. I think overall it turned out cute and the mommy loved it! That’s what counts!
Kyle 014

And one more of sweet Kyle. He took it easy on me and slept like a charm! He even let me put him in a basket as well as the bass and wrap him up like a little mummy! He was just very easy! I hope to have more like him in the near future. 🙂

Kyle 012

And this last one is from my recent maternity session because I like those too! I’m looking forward to meeting this little girl and getting some squishy poses of her as well!

DSC_2751 - Version 2

There ya have it. My lil’ brag post. 😉 Ha ha!