So Ella has decided that it is way fun to sit on the potty! 🙂 I’ve put he on a couple of times just to get her used to the concept and she thinks she’s the biggest stuff since sliced bread! The other night she actually “tinkled” while sitting there and her head popped up with wide open eyes as she looked at me in surprise as if to say, “Is that okay?” Ha ha ha!! I clapped for her and said, “yay” and she was all good with that. 😉 I’m starting to take her a couple times a day just for the fun of it, and now when she thinks she should get to sit on the potty she will run into the bathroom, fish out her potty seat and get it all ready before I can even catch up with her. I’m thinking she’s still on the young side for this, but hey, if she is enthusiastic about it at 21 months then I’m okay with that. 🙂

In other PT (potty training) news the lads are still actively trying to “earn” their special gifts by staying dry at night. I bought them both a set of cowboy guns in holsters and wrapped them up in paper. They are supposed to be getting stickers for the nights that they stay dry. Problem is they dont seem to be able to stay dry for many nights in a row. Oh well. Stu was amazing and got up with Myles when he had an accident last night. Maybe tonight will be different!

Ya know how I told you about that yucky giant snake head dream I had the other night? Weird thing is that Stuart had a giant snake dream the same night! Yeah… freaky! I’m keeping my eyes peeled for imported anacondas in our neighborhood!

We got a smattering of rain yesterday! It smelled absolutely delicious! I only hope that it was enough wetness to combat all the lightning. I was opening all the windows to let the lovely rain scented breeze in and Qade said, “I don’t want the lightning to come in the windows!” I let him know that it wasn’t likely to happen. I was rather traumatized by lightning at one point (for a long time) in my childhood so I can understand those fears.

Speaking of rain though, we need to pray for rain in Colorado!! The whole state is on fire and SO many homes have been lost as these blazes rage out of control. It’s incredibly sad. One of our favorite places to go when we worked at camp was the Flyin’ W Ranch. You got to eat a really yummy “cowpoke” dinner on a tin plate and cup while being entertained by the cowboys. I still love to listen to the songs we have of theirs. I’d been there as a kid too so there are a lot of fond memories of that place. I heard yesterday that it had burned to the ground as well. As sad as that is, with my more grown up perspective, I can’t imagine what the families that are watching that fire take over their homes and neighborhoods are feeling. More than 3,000 people have been evacuated from those areas. Please pray for rain!

I’ve been doing a few sessions this summer and just in case all of y’all don’t keep up with my business blog, I’m going to post some of my favorites on here soon. I have REALLY enjoyed doing the newborn portraits. It’s fun to kind of hone in on what I enjoy. Photography is just so broad that it’s hard to know when you’re just starting out. I thought I’d love wedding photography, but have realized that it’s not really my niche. Babies though, I just love it! So fun! So stay tuned for those. You won’t want to miss the cuteness. 😉

In case you’re not aware, my Hurb has a blog as well. It’s at thenogblog.com and you should go there to read about his camping experience with the boys. Fortunately for me, I did not know about the “creepy camp neighbor” till the next day. Stuart had called me and said that he’d call by 8am the next day to let me know they were okay. Then the next morning I got a text from him that said, “We’re alive.” I was thinking, “Okay, well that’s good.” Probably I wouldn’t have slept any better than he did if I had known there was someone ‘creepy’ around.

I went hiking last weekend with my friend Angela and my shoulders and neck got FRIED! I even used sunscreen. I should check that label though because maybe it’s just “joker” sunscreen and actually makes your skin cook like a chicken’s. Anyway… after that fabulously descriptive analogy, I am now peeling like a lizard which is equally disturbing. BUT the hiking part was fun, and I need to do it more often and get these lazy legs back into shape!

That’s pretty much all I can think of for now. Thanks for coming along for the ride! 🙂