This n That

A couple of times now I have intercepted Ella as she tried to mimic her brothers by dropping her drawers outside to… uh… well, ya know. 😉 Poor thing will be so heartbroken when she discovers that particular talent is not amongst the many that her gender possesses. 😉

Qade is into rhyming words. He often will say “That sounds a lot like….” and insert another word. HOWEVER, it’s not exactly the words you’d think that he connects. For example, the other day Stuart mentioned Harry Potter. Qade piped up and said, “Harry Potter sounds a lot like Aiden’s cat, Flower Pots.” Ha! He sometimes makes connections to the beginning sound of words, and sometimes the end, but it’s often entertaining to listen to his thoughts.

Myles nose has a lot to do with how he is generally doing these days. Recently when we’ve been loading up in the over-hot car, he will say, “My nose is hot!” Later after the AC has done it’s job, he’ll holler out, “My nose is cold!” Last evening when I fixed the kids sausage and eggs for dinner, he ran into the house (since the fan had been pulling the sausage smell outside) and said, “Mom, are you cooking meat?” When I told him it was sausage he replied, “That tastes good in my nose!” Oh, I nearly died right there! Silly little lad!

One of my goals for the summer is to get the boys “night time dry.” I’m tired of buying pull-ups! 😉 So I started in all gung-ho and quit pull-ups cold turkey. They simply will not put in the effort to stay dry if they have the option. The first couple nights went well besides the whining about being “TOO thirsty” at bed time. 😉 BUT a couple weeks have come along when family was here, and home projects were going on and I had a little less control over snacks and drinks before bed, so we went back to pull-ups. Today, though starts again and I’ve already informed them that tonight they will sleep in unders. Yays and hurrays followed. 🙂 Qade has told me that he “hates” pull-ups. So, here’s hoping that this week will be a good go at getting them on track with that. Summers are so hard to be consistent in anything, don’t you think?

I had another dream about rattle snakes last night. I may be scarred for life! In my dream it was a little one like the one that terrorized our yard. But once I chopped it’s head off it grew to astronomical proportions and I spent the rest of my dream trying to find a box big enough to contain the head.

…… your welcome for that. 😉

I’m cooking a thanksgiving dinner today. Complete with turkey, stuffing, and whatever else I can conjure up. 😉 I have to use some of those turkeys I’d stashed when they were on sale. If you wanna come over and help us eat it, do! 🙂

That’s all for now….