This n’ That

Stuart has informed me that rattlesnake is one word. Now I know.

De Bella has some kinda weird cold that is making her cough and miserable mostly only when she is sleeping. 🙁 Last night (night 3 of this) I was up with her (again) rocking and patting her while she was content to snuggle in my arms and my mind kept going back to the quote, “It’s not the nights you get sleep that you remember.” Ha ha! No, but I remember things a little better when I have had some sleep. Still, I enjoyed the snuggle time, but hope our little bugga is feeling better soon.

The laundry room is getting a make-over, yay!! Once again I forgot to take “before” photos. Not sure if I have any of that space either. Oh well, you’ll have to imagine the transformation. 😉

Stu and I got to go to the Broadway production of Les Miserables! What a fun time!! That was one musical that I’d always wanted to see. Now I have. Mission accomplished! 😉 I had forgotten about that “Master of the House” song that I always skipped on the CD. Oops!

The “dead something” smell is back in a couple rooms in our house. I think that it’s in the vents or under the house. Ugh!

I did a pinterest inspired “natural air freshener” with baking soda and essential oils. It’s nice! Me likey!

There are still no flowers on our little tomato plants. I begineth to despair. Not sure we will have any home grown tomatoes this year. But maybe I’ve just been too impatient. 😉

The lads caught a lizard this evening and brought it into the house to show it off! Ack! Fortunately it was in their little “bug catcher” container. Whew! Mice in the house is bad enough, I don’t need reptiles as well.

Amazing how every little crisis that was tolerable before is suddenly something to whine and complain about when it’s time to get ready for bed. Hmmmmmmm…..

I made P-dub’s easy enchiladas again for the 3rd time since I saw her “recipe.” 🙂 It’s good, oh yeah!

Crickets chirping, ceiling fans blowing, windows open are all fabulous parts of summer nights that I love! I think we need to plan a family “camp out” on the trampoline sometime soon. Maybe after I’ve had a few nights of good sleep in a row. 😉