One Cold Night

That’s all it takes to transform green and flowering growing things to shriveled black and wilted things. 🙁
Since my thumb is anything BUT green, this little stroke of mama nature has not boosted my confidence in the least. Had I known that it was going to be THAT cold in late May, I certainly would have brought those little potted flowers into the garage. However, I didn’t think to check the weather, and honestly didn’t know it had been that cold till we built a fire that morning to warm the house.

The little Celosia flowers didn’t stand a chance! It was really sad too because they were just starting to look really good from their last close scrape with death, the wind and dry sand. *sigh* I had another little container I had got to replace the ones that didn’t survive the first time, and fortunately I hadn’t planted them yet. So now I have 6 little pots with some pretty flowers for the side of the house. HOWEVER it is yet to be determined if they will survive. I just happened to look at them outside and several of them were drooping. So I went into panic mode, took the plates off of the bottom of the pots and let them drain. Perhaps now they are getting too much water?? Is that even possible out here? Bah! This whole gardening thing has a steep (and expensive) learning curve. 😉

Anyway, the cold did in the flowers and the blossoms on the honeysuckle. I’m hoping that the vines will survive however. They are supposed to be “hearty” plants, but I take it from their reactions that they weren’t quite prepared to be so hearty this early on. The honeysuckle, I think, will be okay. a few leaves have withered, but over all it doesn’t look bad. The Ivy seems a little less well. Quite a few of it’s leaves darkened after the cold night and some are becoming pretty crispy now. Please live, little ivy! It wouldn’t be very appreciative of you to go and die after I bothered getting all dirty to plant you!

Oh well. I think 2 of the 6 tomato plants also kicked the bucket after the cold, but surprisingly the others seem to be doing okay. I’m not sure how well they will produce, but this whole growing season seems to be a big experiment for us. Have any of you had much success growing tomatoes upside down?

Despite the setbacks we are still optimistic that one day we WILL grow something! 😉 And honestly there are several plants that are doing really well. I’m impressed with the creeping myrtle. Who knew? We are looking into options and possibilities for a green house in the future! That would be fun! While I’d love to fill the yard with beautiful green and flowering things, I’d really like to be able to grow our own veggies for lots of reasons.

So, we’ll see….

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