An Inside Day

This was written a weekish or so ago… just so’s ya know. 😉

I’ve been working outside in the yard quite a bit lately. I have the tan lines to prove it! 😉 So today I thought I’d better stay indoors and get some “real” housework done. The washer and dryer have been going non stop today, but I have not got done what I wanted. For some reason the kids just simply HAVE to be in the way of everything today. They had been doing so well outside with me in the mornings, I figured they’d play find outside today while I worked inside. Not so….

I haven’t been putting Ella down for AM naps every day, and it had been several days in a row when today rolled around. The first time I set her little croc clad feet outside, I knew this was going to be the day she needed a nap. That wasn’t so much of an issue, cause I can still get things done while SHE is sleeping and the boys are playing outside. But they too were possessed by the spirit of unrest and uncooperation. They refused to get along together at all, and they kept trying to refuse to get along with me. That second one didn’t go over well for them, I might add. I guess a couple of days of playing “well” together had worn them out and they just needed some separate time. While that’s fine with me too, it typically means that one of them must be with me or in their room while the other plays outside. And the one that got “stuck” with me wasn’t in any helpful frame of mind.

So… all of that to say that while I have spent the majority of this day inside, and while I have been on my feet working for most of it, you’d never know it if you walked into the house. Oh well. I know that the cobwebs have been swept, the laundry has been (is being) done, and that before this day is through the kitchen will be cleaned as well. And for now that’s enough. I’m going to dedicated this next hour to Insanity. Even though I really don’t ‘feel’ like working out… like that… for an hour…. I’m going to make it some ME ME ME time, and get the most out of it I can.

Then I’ll get the hoodlums up from nap and spend some time tickling their grumpies out! 🙂