Afternoon Activities

So I’ve decided that this summer I will do ONE special project or activity with the kids a week. I know, I know, one doesn’t sound like much, but for me this is progress. I am not a “crafty mom” and it just stresses me out to create disastrous messes that I’m going to have to spend time mopping, wiping, sweeping and scrubbing afterwards. I just can’t cope with it. Yeah, I know that qualifies me for “bad mom of the year” but sometimes we have to preserve our sanity over nourishing kids destructive creative side. 🙂

Anyway, I have found a few “projects” on Pinterest that I think can encourage their creativity and preserve my sanity all at the same time!! Goldmine!!! 😉 So I’m choosing one a week to do for now. I may supplement others like outdoor finger-painting and such. Outdoors is the best place for anything that can create a mess. 😉

The other day it was kinda windy outside and I decided to try one of our projects. It was a success!!

I got some disposable pie pans and some dollar store 6 cup muffin tins. A little vinegar, food coloring and baking soda and voila! a fun, bubbly activity!



Here’s where Qade noticed that the droppers were “medicine droppers.” 🙂


Oh the concentration!

They had a great time, and it kept them quietly occupied for quite some time. While there certainly is the potential of mess with this, they were surprisingly careful with the droppers and kept things where they needed to be. Bubbly, fizzy, colorful, and a little smelly fun fun fun! 🙂


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