Goin’ Walkin’

We enjoy family walks. Some days it’s still drama to get everyone on board. One or another of our small fries will insist that they “don’t want a family walk.” or “I’m too tired to walk.” and other such complaints. Still, they rarely have a choice in the matter and one way or another we’re all headed the same direction, in body if not in spirit. 😉


Having a wagon helps. Ella gets to ride the whole way, but the boys have to take turns and only on the “not so sandy” parts of the trip. Once we get going and are really off they tend to chirp up. Most of the time they will even work together to push/pull Ella’s chariot once we reach the top of the sandy hill. They do a good job with it, and Stu and I appreciate the help. 🙂


On this particular day our walk didn’t get far. Myles had “lost” his shoes somewhere out in the great outdoors and even I couldn’t find them.

Yes, I’m talking about YOU! Keep your shoes on lad!!!! 😉

SO Myles was riding with Ella. And having a grand time.


Till we got to the new cattle guard and he had to get out cause the wagon is too heavy to pull over that thing with 2 munchkins in it. Just as he started to cross he somehow sliced his toe on something. So amidst a little bit of blood and a LOT of howling and hysterics, our walk ended. Hey… it’s not always a picture perfect life. 😉 Ha ha!