Pretty Girl

Ella’s Aunty Tiff is an amazing jewelery maker!! Wow! I’m always impressed by the new stuff she comes up with. Very creative. The last time she was here she brought these crocheted necklaces. Yep, you heard that right, they are crochet, with wire and beads!! They have been parked on our kitchen bar and since that’s where I’m normally stationed when I play on my laptop, Ella had been amusing herself with them. She loves pretty things. 🙂 Oh, and she loves to be on my lap whenever I’m sitting here too.

Anyway, on this day she decided that these “pretties” would look good as a crown or tiara! Ha! She cracks me up!


I’ve put them around her neck, but she doesn’t like them there for long. This, however was all her own idea, so of course better. 😉


Funny little gal! I’m glad she has an Auntie who likes girly stuff, or she might just never get to be “princessy” 🙂

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