Who Knew?

Last year I learned something about a bush that grows in our backyard. My inlaws told me that it was indeed a Lilac bush. HUH? After living here for 5 years you’d think I would know that. Here’s the thing, it has NEVER bloomed. Not one itty bitty bud of a Lilac flower had I seen. And really… I don’t pay enough attention to the leaves to know that it was a Lilac. Still, since I found out, I gave it a few more drinks this last winter. As in, I tossed the dog water and such on it when before I hadn’t. I didn’t stand out there with the hose and “water” the bush. BUT….. low and behold this spring that poor little dilapidated bush that my boys have nearly destroyed by climbing in it and pretending to be monkeys had…. this.


That’s right! There were actual Lilac blossoms on that little bush!!!


True, they still looked a little spindly and struggling, but the fact that they were there is certainly progress!


They didn’t last long, sad to say. I’m not sure how long Lilacs typically bloom, but I think it’s usually for more than a couple of days. These blossoms didn’t hang around, but again… with all that is stacked up against them, I think it was remarkably brave for them to show their pretty little purple faces at all!

This year I’m going to prune the bush way back, get rid of some of the branches that have been bent so low by the boys, and try to give it a little extra lovin’ to see if we can get some REALLY good blooms next time around. Anyone with actual green thumbs know the best time to prune a Lilac?? 🙂 I could use a few pointers…. obviously!

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