Last night when I was praying with the lads before bed it was Myles turn, and he was praying in his customary fashion with eyes wide open “thanking” for anything he could see. He happened to be facing a bookshelf with photos on it and his prayer went something like this, “Dear God, thank you for this food. Thank you for our breakfast tomorrow. Thank you when I was a baby. Thank you Daddy married Mommy. Amen!!” 🙂 It was very cute! When he said “amen” Qade chuckled and said, “Mom did you hear he prayed ‘thank you for this food.” Ha! These lads never cease to crack me up! Myles afterwards asked me, “Did you hear me say thank you Daddy married Mommy?” I told him I did and that I was thankful that Daddy married Mommy too. Then Myles got serious and asked if we were getting married tomorrow. 😉 I told him that we got married a long time ago and every day we were still married. Then as he bounced up and sprang off of the couch he said, “You never get married again!” He’s right. 🙂

Speaking of getting married… kinda…. it was 10 years ago this very month when I first met Stuart. 🙂 Time flies, ya know? 10 years always seems like a long time when you’re at the front of it, but not so long when your at the end. My first sight of Stuart was him playing ping-pong with someone in the chapel room of the lodge at TWR. Those were good times! I miss that camp and those people, but these are good times too, and I’m happy to be where we are.

On other marriage news Qade has informed me that when he is a man he will find a girl that he will love and chose to marry her. 🙂

Myles told me this morning that Daddy told him that when he gets big he can be a daddy too.

Yesterday I overheard Qade telling Myles that when they grew up they would both be boys and they would find some girls and get married.

Lately the ‘thing’ to play in this house is “mommy and daddy.” One of them will declare “I Mommy” or “I Daddy” and then the other one gets to be who’s left. Then they walk around the house calling each other Stuart and Rachel. 😉 SO funny!! They also have their “babies” to take care of. These range from the angry bird to their build-a-bears to their bouncy rubber balls depending on the situation. They are also very nurturing to their babies, singing them lullabies and wrapping them in blankets. At other times they hurl them through the air, or take them out to the trampoline and toss them on the roof of the house. Not sure what all this means, but I’m guessing they’ll be fun dads someday. Provided the wives the ‘find’ don’t let them take the baby to the trampoline. 😉

Ha ha!