One Ring

When Ella’s Auntie Tiff was here a few weeks ago, she got her a special gift. It was an adorable little silver ring with a tiny bit of turquoise. I’ve been negligent about girlifying my daughter, probably because I’m not so girly myself. But the Navajo people typically do put their baby girls in rings, bracelets, ornamental barrettes (they usually have more hair too) and necklaces from a VERY early age. I did try with headbands and bows for awhile, but eventually even that became a lot of effort.

Ella, does like to be pretty though, and she now asks for her bows and ring. The bows don’t last more than a few minutes, and I’ve yet to convince her that barrettes are a good thing. 😉 Still she love her little ring, and since she can’t get it off by herself, it lasts. 🙂 The first time Tiff and I put it on her she was rather disturbed about this “thing” on her hand. So I was pretty amazed at how quickly she came to love it! It’s so cute and girly on her pudgy little finger! I love it too!

Thanks Auntie Tiff for such a thoughtful gift!