Qade’s 5th Birthday

I’m still in denial about Qade being 5, but he is very proud of that fact. 🙂 He enjoys telling everyone, “I’m 5 now.” as if that was the goal all along. Though he has informed me that at his next birthday he’ll be 6 and then 7 after that, and so on. I feel like telling him to hold on and not get big so fast. BUT… you know how that goes. Especially with firstborn children. I remember being so impatient to turn 10 and again to turn 20. 🙂 Too bad it goes so fast after that, ha!

Anyway, here are some fun shots from Qade’s birthday. We’ve had a hard time getting good video of his last couple of birthdays. One one, someone stepped in front of the camera at the very second he blew out his candles. This time, the place where I had it set up got a really great view of the back of Myles’ head right in front of everything Qade was doing. Ha! Oh well, it’s all good memories. The snapshots really say a lot too. 🙂

“I’m 5 now!” (not 10!)

I was so happy that Aiden got to come to the birthday party! Qade and Aiden are best buds… until they’re not, but most of the time they are. 😉

I planned the little “goody bags” for outside activities. It included a little foam glider plane, a big bouncy ball, and a tube of bubbles. Did I ever mention that it SNOWED the night before and the morning of the party? Oh yeah… so we played with planes and bubbles INSIDE this day. It all worked out. Myles “bubble blowing face” totally cracks me up!

We were thrilled that our friends the Wilsons got to come too. Benton is always lots of fun!

And Ella and Kathryn really enjoy each other’s company. Ella was feeding Kathryn all of HER lunch on this day. It was rather funny!

Silly girl!

The Cake! Something interesting about this cake. When we cut it open there was no middle layer of frosting between the sheets. Weird! That’s good ol’ Gallup for ya! (eyes rolling)

Everyone had a great time opening gifts. I love how kids just kind of converge on the kid with the gifts like vultures. It totally cracks me up!
They’re circling….
Moving in…
(this photo of Benton with the magnifying glass really makes me laugh!)

It was a really fun day, and I know it will be one that Qade will remember and talk about for a long time! Thanks everyone who could come, and everyone who sent gifts! It was special for all of us!