Ella has this persistent rash that won’t go away! Poor girly! It was on her neck and under her chin and then creeped up her face till her cheeks are all red and sad. 🙁 Talking it through with some nurses and looking at stuff online, I think it may be Fifth Disease. Apparently the rash can last 1-3 weeks. Hoping we don’t have the 3 week version.

We had a blast for Qade’s birthday! I’ll post more on that, complete with photos sometime soon. He had some friends who were able to make it as well as cuz Aiden, so it was a great time. Even though the weather didn’t cooperate we had lots of fun!

Ella has found a new hobby. Dropping crayons down the heat vents. Not good!

Today I get to jump back into the fitness challenge. Last week I got a whopping 8 points. 🙁 That was pathetic, but I only got one workout in, and then spent 3-4 days not wanting to eat anything at all, let alone my fruits and veggies. *sigh* But now that I’m on the up-n-up feeling better, I’ve got to jump back in. I’ll be a week behind the “group” because I’m going to repeat the “recovery week” workout before I jump into the “max” training part of the program. Pretty sure I’d just curl up and die if I tried to do the max workout after doing nothing for a week. 😉 We’ll see how it all goes.

The clock has become the ultimate authority in Myles life. Every time it’s time for something like bed or lunch, he’ll always ask, “Does the clock says it’s time for bed?” Guess mom and dad’s word isn’t quite enough. Eventually he’ll learn, but for now I don’t mind telling him that the clock DOES indeed say it’s time for bed. 🙂

Last night the boys were in their jammies. Stu and I were working on some business stuff, so I suggested that they bounce on the trampoline in their jammies. It was a blast! They stayed out there till it was dark and bed time.

Qade got a couple new Jungle Jam stories for his birthday. He LOVES those programs! I don’t mind them myself. Some good humor in those, and no shrilly silly voices to deal with. 😉

Ella’s Auntie Tiff got her an adorable little turquoise ring. I think rings on babies is so cute! Of course, Ella’s a little bigger than a ‘baby’ and she was a little disconcerted at this “thing” that was stuck to her finger. I’m determined to get her used to it though so this morning I put it on for her when I got her dressed. She actually didn’t complain about it at all and wore it for quite some time before she came to me to take it off. Progress!!

What’s for dinner?