I did the Math

I must be ill if I actually wanted to do math! Ha ha! But seriously, every time I’d do laundry, (and today was a LOT of times due to the nature of the illness that’s been passing through our kids) I think, “I need to do the math and figure out how much it really costs to do this make-it-yourself-natural-laundry-detergent.” So, I finally did. 🙂

Okay, well…. I sorta did it. See, I don’t have the exact dollars and cents that everything cost, so I “rounded” which was something I learned about math many many moons ago. The castile soap was $10. I gave $3 for the baking soda (which I think is generous). And a $1 for the salt.

So out of $14 you get 4 gallons of natural laundry detergent that will wash 260 loads of laundry. So that works out to about 5 cents a load. 🙂 Pretty good, huh? Yeah… I thought so. 😉

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