Picnic Day

So we, well the boys, had their first picnic lunch of the season the other day. They actually asked to eat in their play set, and I was more than happy to oblige. It saves a lot of clean up indoors when they eat outdoors. 😉


It was SUCH a beautiful day! We’ve had a record number of them this spring, and I LOVE it!


Nothing like a PB&J in a “fort” on a warm, sunshiny day!


So I bought a big tub of these “cheese balls” from Costco. The boys like Cheetos so I occasionally buy them those. Yes, I know it flies in the face of all this “natural” stuff I’ve been getting into. Because, seriously, can there be anything MORE unnatural than these little fake orange cheese powdered puffs of… well, whatever they are? Probably not. I have a feeling they could pass the happy-meal-that-looks-the-same-a-year-later test. Blah! I don’t eat these… ever. BUT I did cave in and buy them for the kids. I won’t do it again however because this tub will likely last till Ella goes to college. We just can’t seem to make a dent in it. I only give them a small handful each time they have them, and yeah… it’s not depleting very quickly at all. Oh well, perhaps by summer’s end? 😉


While the boys were reveling in their cheesy powdered PB&J lunches, Ella and I had a more civilized lunch in the dining room. 🙂


She enjoyed some string cheese and vienna sausage (also not very natural, ha ha) cut tiny, and some carrots. She likes the ones that come in the “fruit cup” type packages. Yum… or something. 😉



So I confess that I do fall back on “kid friendly” lunch items from time to time. Though I am making small changes to how we eat in this house. Once Ella does a better job of actually chewing her food, I’ll feel more comfortable giving her more raw veggies. I did try some avocado this weekend, but she tossed it on the floor without so much as a second glance. Might have to work on that one a little. She’s kinda on the skinny side, so I’d like to fill her up with food that counts. But regardless, the lads had a great picnic, and I’m happy happy for the warmer days and less wind! 😉