So we got home in time for bed last night. 😉 Costco stuff everywhere, suitcases and clothing everywhere, dishes from the snack/dinner I gave the kids, and smoothie for Stu and I, all over the kitchen. But we were home!! 🙂 Dentist was behind us!! Yay!

But this morning when I was surveying the carnage, I just couldn’t seem to cope. Seriously, all the “stuff” everywhere was completely overwhelming. I didn’t “feel” stressed out or anything. It was only after the fact that I realized I probably spent about an hour and a half walking around in circles flapping my hands uselessly because I just couldn’t figure out where to start on the mess! Ha!!

I also have other things on my mind, so that didn’t help. Myles has his nose appointment today, I needed to bake some bread BEFORE we left for that, going to drop off the other 2 with a friend, and needed to get dinner in the crock pot, but I couldn’t find our internet card, and didn’t have the recipe written down. Ella broke out in hives, and I couldn’t figure out why. So all of those things kept intruding on my “get it all cleaned up” mode and making me a little crazy.

Eventually, I got some laundry started… there’s still random bits of clothing strewn all over the couch and floor, thanks to my helpful children, from laundry I didn’t get put away before we left on Friday. Oh well, might as well add to the pile, huh? 😉

After that, I decided that dishes were the first priority, so I got those loaded and the washer running. Once the sink was clear, my mind was a little more clear as well. I started preaching to myself, “FINISH IT! Whatever you pick up to do don’t put down till your DONE with it!” See, I like to think I can multi-task, but truthfully, I just end up doing lots of things half way. Ha! So I’d make myself finish doing whatever it was with the Costco sized package of Q-tips before I would stop to refill the paper towels or take something to the pantry. Seemed to work pretty well. 😉

I’ve still got plenty left to do, and I’m trying not to think about the suitcases and such that are waiting for me in the other room. 😉 But right now, I’m taking a little break to drink my coffee… and actually taste it.

My mom saved the day, and dinner, by looking up the recipe I needed from my blog, so that’s all good! The bread machine is busily mixing and kneading the dough that hopefully I will have time to finish before we have to get out of here. Ella is napping, and I’m hoping will be hive-free when she wakes. The boys are busy getting filthy outside. It’s all good. 😉

SO the dentist. Had I mentioned that we had all 3 kids scheduled for check ups ON THE SAME DAY??? I sometimes believe that I really do have a completely insane streak running through my brain. BUT when you have to drive 2.5 hours to get there it’s kinda the only option.

Anyway, after spending all kinds of mental energy dreading the whole process, I remembered that I just needed to pray for help and peace and let it go. So I did somewhat, though I still thought that I “knew” it was going to be a horrible experience. I have panic issues personally whenever I think about dentists… not something I enjoy at all. Blah! So, I was probably putting more stress on myself to NOT let it be a traumatic experience for the kids, more than anything.

This pediatric dentist’s office is AMAZING!! I took Myles last year when he tried to rearrange his teeth on the cement steps, but I didn’t really get the full experience then. The staff there were FANTASTIC with the kids. Both of the lads were comfortable with them in no time! Imagine my surprise when they climbed onto the table, wore the “cool” sunglasses and opened up wide without even the smallest resistance!!! Wow!

Ella was a little less interested in having her teeth looked at. With kids as young as her, they do a “knee to knee” exam. That means that I have her sit on my lap facing me then lean her back so her head is on dentist’s knees. She yelled about it a bit, but was thrilled with her new pink toothbrush. 🙂

The boys both got x-rays because of a couple things we were concerned about. Myles will likely loose those front teeth that he injured earlier than normal, but it’s not a concern. Qade has one front tooth that may be problematic. We’re to “keep an eye” on it and if he has pain from it we’ll take him back in and have it taken out. But overall they are doing well, and the whole experience was positive!

I was afraid that I would be there with all 3 by myself because Stuart had an appointment also a little later, but we got there a bit early, and they got us right in. All three were back there at the same time, and we were out in about 45 min start to finish!! Yay!! God really does work things out, and I waste a lot of time and energy trying to “figure it all out” on my own. Lessons He is gently teaching me.

Well, coffee is almost gone, and I need to get busy again. Perhaps I’ll be more effective this go round. 😉 Ha ha!