Insanity Recap week 2.5

Sooooooo, against my better judgement I weighed myself on Monday of week 2. Guess what… the scale went the WRONG way again!!! I was pretty discouraged, especially considering I was doing all this work, eating lots of veggies, cutting carbs, and the workouts… whew! Boo!

I got on the FB group and moaned about it a little bit and got a lot of encouragement from the Beach Body coaches and other members in the challenge. One of the coaches pointed out again that you can add poundage, even while we’re getting in better shape. So, I kinda shrugged that part off… sorta… because even though I want the numbers on the scale to be at a certain point, I am starting to get the point that those numbers can’t be my guide, or judge of progress.

So I kept going through the next couple of workouts vowing to not step on the scale again till the start of the second part of the challenge. That’s 3 weeks, so we’ll see what happens then.

The workouts, as I mentioned, don’t get easier, BUT I feel like I am getting better. Stuart has mentioned that my “form” is improving, and I can certainly do more and better push-ups, so YAY!! Also my breathing has really improved and regulated when I work out which is HUGE!! That in itself makes it all worthwhile. I hate to feel limited by breathing issues, and this has certainly helped.

So week 3 began and on Wednesday I noticed some of the other challengers were taking measurements again. Remember we had to do “before” measurements. So, on a whim I thought I’d try it too, and busted out my tape measure and measured just my waist. When I saw the number I wasn’t too impressed, pretty sure I hadn’t ‘lost’ anything there either. BUT when I looked at my before measurements, imagine my surprise to see that I had lost 2 and 1/4 inches!!! WOW! Let me tell you, that I was beyond pumped that this crazy workout program WAS working!! Woo-Hoo!

So for the rest of the week as I workout, I keep thinking about the progress that I have made. When my mind goes back to the scale I think to myself, “I don’t care if I weighed 200 pounds if I could still have abs like the people on the workout DVD.” Ha ha! That is of course an impossibility, but I have to remind myself that it’s the health and wellness that matters not the numbers on the scale. 🙂

So I’m looking forward to finishing week 3 strong, and getting started on week 4. I keep reading this quote on Pinterest that goes, “It takes 4 weeks for YOU to notice a change in your body, 8 weeks for friends/fam to notice, and 12 weeks for everyone else to notice.” I’m pretty pumped that I have noticed a difference already! So I’m going to keep going and going till I feel that I’m really where I need to be!