This n’ That

So two hours after sitting down to breakfast Myles finally finishes. Now he is getting dressed and ready to start the day at 10 o’clock. *sigh*

We are having to limit “angry birds” time on our iDevices since that seems to be the ONLY thing that Qade is interested in these days. What good are all the educational apps if they don’t get used? 😉

I’ve begun to chat with Qade about “school” from time to time. I’m trying to psych both of us up for it! His initial reaction to the online video clip of Abeka K5 video was, “I don’t want to go there with those kids!” Ha ha! I told him that he wouldn’t have to “go” but that he would watch those kids on a video. I wish they’d update those grades though. It looks so incredibly 80’s. Blah!

Brewing an extra pot of Dunkin’ Donuts Strawberry Shortcake coffee today. I feel the need. 😉

Someone tell me why I have to struggle to get food into my daughter, but yet she will go outside and eat the cat food. This makes no sense to me.

All of my attempts at 100% wheat bread have been pretty not-so-amazing. *sigh* I guess it’s nearly impossible to make a good wheat loaf without extra gluten. I’m going to try it again with a simple recipe I found and just sub out 1 1/4 c for AP flour and see if that’ll do it. 🙂 I’d rather have the whole wheat… but I’d rather not have to try to eat bricks!

Lovely weather…. wretched allergies!! I’ve been snatching little bits of air and sunshine as I can since it’s SO nice, but if I spend even just a few minutes outside I end up miserable from my itchy eyes and schniffly nose. Ugh! I am taking allergy pills, but not so sure they’re working very well.

I got to do a finger paint session with Helen today! That was lots of fun!! The photos were awesome and I have a couple pretty amazing masterpieces from it as well.

All 3 kiddos have dentist appointments on Monday. I wonder what we will discover. If Ella will even let the dentist NEAR her teeth, I will say we had a successful visit. Qade has a disappearing, reappearing spot on one of his top front teeth. I think he may have “killed” that tooth somehow quite awhile back. It turned grayish for awhile, and then went white again. Then this weird purply “spot” showed up in it, and was there for some time, and vanished again just recently. I can’t figure out what in the world is going on there, but we will see. Since they all needed to get in and we have to drive 2.5 hours one way to see the dentist we decided to do it all in one chunk. I’m kinda not ecstatic about the experience though. Thinking happy thoughts…

I don’t know what to fix for dinner….

I like Fuji apples the best. Though Golden Delicious are pretty yum too! The boys like to have apples for their snack outside because, as Qade says, “Apples are a long snack.” Ha ha!

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