Insanity recap week 1

So my beach body challenge started last monday. Which also happened to coincide with Stuart’s spring break. This year we planned to take some time “away” without the kids during spring break. It was a much needed get-a-way, though explaining why mom and dad were going on a “trip” without kids to the lads was interesting. 😉 They didn’t seem to care too much and were plenty excited about their own extended stay at Grandma Noggle’s house! De Bella got some quality all-to-herself grandparent attention time for 3 days at my mom’s house. Stu and I haven’t “got away” like this since our first anniversary!! Yeah, it was time.

But I knew we had to start the Insanity program that week too. So I loaded the workouts that we needed to do onto a computer sticky thing and brought them along. We were able to do the Monday workout at home. Tuesday’s was interesting because we got in late to the B&B and had to try to jump around more quietly because we didn’t know if we had neighbors sleeping or not. 😉 The next days we worked out at around 4pm and then had time to recover and shower before dinner. It worked out. Just proof that with a little planning you CAN get your workouts in. We also took a couple ‘light’ hikes in the area. Pretty place!! I love Colorado!

Anyway, I felt pretty sore for a couple of days after starting the program. I did well on drinking lotsa water and eating my fruits and veggies, and only had “sweets” one day when Stu and I split a fudge sundae from Burger King. 😉 Even though we’ve only been at it for a week, I notice a difference in the push ups. I’ve always been a notoriously bad pusher-uper. I remember in the 6th grade during PE we had to do a crazy amount of push-ups. At the time I didn’t “need” or care about formal “work outs” as I was a very active kid with a paper route to boot, so I got plenty of exercise. But I hated the push-ups, so I’d only do them when the coach was facing my direction and then I’d just flop down when he wasn’t. Perhaps I should have put more effort into them (obviously) then and I wouldn’t struggle with them so much now. All of that to say that by yesterday, the week mark, I was feeling that I could do them a little better/more effectively. So that was good.

Then I stepped on the scale this morning and my bubble popped!

I actually went UP on the scale after this last week. WHAT?!? After skipping out on sweets and making a point to eat veggies? And after INSANITY??!!?? HUH??? That’s how I felt. I’ve been a bit discouraged over it, but I keep reminding myself that the scale can’t be my guide. Yes, my goal is to make that number come down, but my bigger goal is to get into shape. I’ve read that when starting a fitness program, especially these intense ones, there can be a temporary gaining on the scale side of things due to water retention and whatever it is that you’re body does to ‘adjust’ to the new regimen. I’m hoping that’s the case here, time will tell. I do need to be more disciplined about paying attention to food intake, though I’m sure I haven’t been exceeding my calories.

I am low-carbing it again as well as the Insanity, because the ONLY time I’ve seen progress in the belly-jelly is when I’m cutting out carbs. I’m hoping a combination of the 2 will produce greater results. 🙂

So that’s week 1 down. It actually went by pretty quickly considering. 🙂 I’m so glad that Stu is doing the workouts with me because I have a difficult time motivating myself when I’m all by myself. He keeps me going, and also helps me pace myself better so I don’t wear out before the workout is over. He’s pretty much just awesome all around. 🙂 I already know he’s going to see better results from this challenge than me and I’m mentally preparing myself to not be bitter about it. 😉 Stinkin’ male metabolism! Ha ha! I’m just glad that it’s something we can do together that will benefit us both!

So there ya have it. Till next week then.

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