Prayer Request

Sometimes I feel like asking for prayer for “minor” things is asking much when there are so many ‘bigger’ requests in the lives of people everywhere. But I know that God delights in the prayers of His people, and I suppose no request is “too small” to pray for, right? 🙂

Anyway, this request is for us and our Myles. You remember that our kamikaze child took a head dive into a pile of rocks recently. Well, we took him the next day to the dr to check it out and she told us, much to our relief, that his nose wasn’t broken! Yay! Didn’t want him to have issues with a deviated septum. His face was nice and bruised and nose swollen for a few days after that.

It’s been a couple of weeks now, and the swelling has gone. However, it has become apparent that his nose did not escape unscathed. After being away from him for a few days during our get-a-way, Stu and I have really noticed the difference.

This is the worst photo, please don’t freak out! I had him make this face to accentuate the difference.

We have a doctor’s appointment for him on Friday to get his nose reevaluated. Here’s where the prayer request comes in. Dealing with doc’s offices around here can be nightmareish. Please pray that the lady we see will have the same concerns that we do and will be able to refer us to someone who can help Myles nose. Also pray that something CAN be done about it. I realize that we can’t go through life unscathed, but it seems a little harsh to have to have your nose messed up at such a young age.

Having a mommy’s feelings about this makes it hard. I realize that in the grand scheme of things this is NOT a ‘big deal’ but it’s something that I would like to have a nice ending to. 🙂 Even if we can see a specialist who can tell us that his nose won’t be ‘so bad’ as he grows, that will help. My concern is that it will get worse, not better, with time. So hopefully we can sail smoothly through the waters of doctors and insurance and get some help and answers. The good news is that Myles doesn’t complain of pain in his nose at all. He’s completely oblivious to it even if I pinch it, so at least that isn’t an issue. 🙂

Thanks for your prayers!

Before the smash…

After the smash…
He’s still adorable, even with a crooked nose! 🙂