So forget that the wind is blowing like crazy and snow is whirling around outside. Forget that it’s cold and the eves are drippy-dripping. Imagine instead that it’s a balmy 85 degrees outside. The kids are splashing in the wading pool, and the trees are just shimmering in a slight breeze.

Now to complete the illusion you need a picnic table all set out with your finest paper plates, and Solo cups filled with lemonade. 😉 A fresh green salad, and some slices of watermelon. Sizzling on the grill are some juicy steaks that have been marinating in your FAVORITE marinade ready to complete the feast.

Bask in the sunshine on a lawn chair as you wait for them to cook.

Have I got you convinced yet? Honestly it is difficult for me to imagine at the moment… weather and all, but it was pretty easy all last week! The temps were warmer, the air was very Spring-ish and I was SO ready to cast off the shackles of winter and jump in, with two sandaled feet, to summer cooking/eating. Sadly, my illusion was short lived since apparently Winter is making a valiant effort to live when it should have been doing that during it’s own season. Silly, silly!

But I did get some steak on sale this weekend, so I whipped up a batch of my “favorite marinade” and chucked them into the freezer with it to await a more grill-worthy day. I can’t remember if I shared my marinade recipe on here before or not, but I’m going to burden you with it again.

You really should try it. It’s got pretty simple ingredients, but it really makes for a very flavorful steak! I like to use it especially on “lesser” steaks because it tends to help them out somewhat. 😉 Here it is in all it’s yumminess. Enjoy…. once grillin’ season REALLY gets here!

Grillin’ Food Marinade (I use it on beef, pork AND chicken, it’s pretty versatile!)

2/3 c. oil
2/3 c. soy sauce
1/4 lemon juice
2 T Liquid Smoke
2 T mustard
2 t Pepper (btw, notice that this is tsp not TBS, because in this last batch I got that mixed up. We’re going to have VERY peppery steaks! 😉 Good thing I like pepper, ha!)
2 t garlic powder

Combine all ingredients and poor over meat. Marinade for at least 45 min, but not TOO long (unless you freeze it) because apparently the lemon juice will start to break down the meat.

Slap on the grill and enjoy!

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