Insanity… again, but with a twist. :)

So I’m about to embark on a ‘beach body’ challenge with some friends. 🙂 A gal I know on FB is a Beach Body coach and is assembling a team for some friendly competition as we all work toward getting in shape. 🙂 We get points for sticking to the workout schedule, obviously, and for eating fruits and veggies rather than junk, and drinking enough water. There are several “teams” competing with each other and the team with the lowest points each week has to do some kind of challenge. I’m not exactly sure how it all works, though I’m sure I’ll have it figured out soon. 😉

I’m glad that this opportunity came up because I have been having the WORST time motivating myself to do what I know needs to be done. If I have a team “depending” on me doing it, I’m much more likely to find that bit ‘o discipline that has been sadly lacking and get ‘er done. 😉

Plus I have convinced Stu to do the workouts with me, and that will help a LOT!! I don’t like to work out alone, and with 2 of us on the case I’ll be more likely to make the effort in the moments when I’d rather quit.

Hey, I’m a completive soul. 😉

So we’re breaking out the dusty Insanity program. Part of me is psyched about this and part of me is dreading it. That program is just… well,… insane! And the thing of it is that it doesn’t get any easier as you go along because however ‘better’ you get, you’re still going all out the whole time. So you might see progress in your reps and such, but you’re not going to feel like it’s getting easier. In fact it gets SUPER DUPER intense in the second month…. which is hard to believe when you’re doing the first month’s workouts. Still, I’ve committed my brain to doing this and I’m really looking forward to seeing the results!

I still have to take my “before” photo and measurements which I’m not really thrilled about, but I do want to see how they compare to the “afters.” 🙂 So here’s to getting fitter, and more healthified in the next 60 days! Wish me luck, and come back to hear my moanings about how sore and pathetic I am as I go along. 😉 Ha ha!