The anatomy of a fit

This series of events happened a while back, but I just have to post it because I still crack up over the recollection, though I suppose that laughing is not a good way to nip fits! 😉 Sometimes it simply cannot be helped!

The first stage of a fit is usually enjoyment. The reason a fit normally comes along is because one was thoroughly enjoying something and it got interrupted in some way. In this case, Ella was enjoying sitting in the laundry basket while I folded clothes.


She thought she’d have more fun if she had some company in the basket, but unfortunately fell out while trying to reach it.


The fit has not yet started because she remembers climbing into the basket the first time, so she figured she could do it again, except she picked the “long” side to try to climb over rather than the “short” side, and yes, it does make a difference when you’re 16 months old. Now frustration sets in after 2 or 3 failed attempts to get back in the basket.


She felt the need to share her frustration with Mommy because Mommies fix EVERYTHING! Except this time I didn’t fix it.


She returned to the basket to try again, and this time when the attempt failed the fit set in for good. Notice flushed, contorted face as she rails on the basket for being so mean!


Finally she turns from the basket in disgust as she is completely involved in throwing a fit, and bounces up and down on her knees to emphasize the point that she is very far from pleased.


I didn’t get a photo of the last phase, because I didn’t know when it would come but it’s the most hilarious part of the whole thing! Ella finally threw her arms out over her head as she lay face down in the carpet and just sobbed like the world was coming to an end. 😉 Poor baby! Mommy finally put down her camera and scooped the girl up to give her some lovin’. I did not, however, put her back in the basket… some things she’s just going to have to learn on her own. 😉