An Outside Day

It’s been so warm here this winter! No complaints from my side, that’s for sure! I’d ever so much rather have it warm than freezing! Yep, I’m a wimp!

But warm or cold, the kids always benefit from some outside playing time. And I always feel better about sending them outside when it’s warmer. Ella, however, can’t go out alone or even surprisingly with the supervision of her big brothers. Ha ha! So it has to really be warm before she gets to go out, because this Mama doesn’t like to be cold. Have I mentioned that? This photo of the car’s eyes and Ella’s eyes, cracks me up!


So lucky for her on this particular day, quite a few of them actually, it was warm enough for me to venture out with them. I love the static hair look she’s got going on! Ha ha ha!


Myles and Qade were busy “decorating” their play-set with some old pieces of sidewalk chalk that they dug up somewhere. 🙂

Myles had this “Scooby” bandaid on his head for at least 3 days! Yes… it was a “serious” owie! 😉

I have no idea what she’s thinking. Maybe it’s, “Take me inside where it’s warm by the fire, Mommy.” Hmmm??

Qade will not interrupt his talking to take a photo. Nope! Especially when he is explaining something very important or serious.

Ella was having a hard time on her ‘sea legs’ trying to get up this little slope of dirt. She’d fall down then stand up, dust off her hands, try again and fall. Eventually I think she gave up and walked around the other way.