Thus and Such

Ella is suddenly into accessorizing! Ha! Every morning now, after I get her dressed, she points to the box that has her headbands and bows in it and signs please. It cracks me up because the headband doesn’t last more than a few minutes, but she seems to think that her outfit isn’t complete without it. Ha ha!

Should I be concerned that Qade is cracking up at the naughty antics of Huey, Duey and Luey as they torment their uncle Donald?

I don’t give my “baby” enough credit. Just because she isn’t talking, doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand. Tonight after dinner, I handed her the empty bowl and asked her to put it in the sink which she did right away! I was so impressed! So were the boys. Myles was trying to tell me that “Ella can’t put it in the sink” as she was doing it. Ha ha!

Disappointment is feeling like you REALLY need another cup of coffee, but finding the pot empty. *sigh*

This morning Myles was chuckling to himself and saying, “It died, it died” so I asked him what died, and he answered with a grin, “My tummy!” Hmmmm???? I didn’t think breakfast was THAT bad! 😉

I just hollered out the window at the boys, “Stop putting your trail mix in your nose!” And while part of me felt like laughing because I never imagined myself saying something like that, the other part of me was thinking, “I really do not need a trip to the ER today to dig a raisin out of someone’s nose!”

I’m making chili today. I’ve been looking at recipes online so I can add a little something more flavor-interesting. Well, I found several that looked good and taking bits of elements from a few I’ve thrown together ours in the crock-pot. It includes coco-powder, nutmeg, and Maple Syrup, which I never in my wildest dreams would have thought to put in chili. I’m a little frightened of what the result might be, but hoping that the people who say it wins “blue ribbons” weren’t lying. 😉 It could be some huge cosmic joke…. but I’ll keep you posted. Ha ha!

(a few days later)

Today is Friday, and I’m being all domestic. The laundry is laundering, the floors have been swept AND mopped, and the carpets have been vacuumed. The boys have done a great job helping me with their “strong muscles” to move chairs around and pick up toys! I still have some dusting to do, and the bathroom to clean, but right now I’m giving myself a break and going to have another cup of coffee. Housecleaning is not on my list of favorite things to do, but I prefer to get it done on Friday so that we can relax more and have fun on the weekend. 🙂

And the verdict on the chili was unanimously in favor of the flavor! Even the boys gobbled it up (except Qade picked out his tomatoes which he has decided to take issue with in EVERY dish they show up in) because it wasn’t really “hot” but it had a LOT of flavor. I think I might add a pinch if Cayenne next time just to give it a bit more kick, but I’m going to be using those flavors again! I’ll post it sometime for you guys too in case you wanna do something different with your chili next time. 😉

Yesterday Ella happened to wipe her “yucky nose” on Myles special monkey, Ottis. When Myles saw the “yuck” he was completely disgusted and kept saying “Oh gross! Ella did to my Ottis!” I was laughing so hard, but told him to get a tissue to wipe it off and through the whole process he kept saying, “This is ‘skustin’” Ha ha ha!! He’s right, of course, it was disgusting, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the only time something ‘skustin’ has been on Ottis. 😉

Have you ever taken a mop to your dining room walls? Ha ha! I did today. I was surprised at how well it worked actually. I need to do it more often! Especially since one little 3 yr old I know likes to fling his utensils around regardless of whether or not there is something on them.

I can’t read Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book without yawning. I’ve tried. Fail! Seriously, can anyone read about all those creatures yawing so wide you can see down their neck and not yawn themselves?? I’d like to meet that person if such a one exists and congratulate them on getting more sleep than anyone else I know. 😉

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