We’re raising a generation of robots! Ack!! Ha ha ha! I confess that I sometimes rely on the technology of our day to help me with restless kids. It’s amazing how quickly they can get quiet and calm once you plug them into the matrix give them a “game to play! 😉

Ella just loves the concept of a phone, and she especially loves messing with mine! Here, if you look closely, you can see her calling my voicemail! Once she did call one of my contacts, but I don’t think they noticed, ha ha! One day I’ll get a bill for her call to Australia, I just know it!

She will even use the iPod as a “phone” when I give it to her. She’s not interested in the games, just wants to ‘talk’ to it.

Qade’s newest obsession is “Angry Birds.” I can totally understand why too because I get addicted to that game as well. Still, I make him and Myles trade devices so that he gets some of the “educational” games as well. One day he told me, in reference to a game, “This is teaching me my letters, Mom.” I think he felt it needed a little justification since I tell them that I don’t want them playing games ALL the time! 😉

I try not to fall back on using these “tools” or the T.V. babysitter too often. But sometimes, a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do. 😉 And all of us end up happier….. until I try to take the phone away from Ella. 😉

“Hello, Australia?”

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