This n That

I fed my daughter goldfish for breakfast. Does that put me on the top of the “worlds worst moms” list? 😉

Any recipe that comes across my newsfeed with the word “tofu” in it gets deleted without a look and without delay. That stuff just should NOT have been invented….really!

I helped Stu haul in some wood that he cut today. Now I feel well prepared for the 2 days of snow and 50* weather the computer says we’re going to have. Somehow I don’t think the two are compatible.

Listening to my lads crunch and munch apple slices has GOT to be one of the most disgusting sounds in the world! It’s neck and neck with the sound of kids eating pizza though! Ha!

Something went a little funky with my last “batch” of yogurt, there was a surplus of whey. However I strained it for a long time and now it’s SO thick and creamy! Lovely with a dollop of maple syrup!

The puppies are still here. They have been being fed, so I guess that’s no surprise. They don’t, however, enjoy socializing with people other than as a food provider. Still not sure what we are going to do with them. One of them I like a lot, but the other is aggressive about her food, and I don’t like that at all. Either way, they are going to have to be seriously socialized in order to be anyone’s pet.

As soon as the white puffy flakes of snow start falling from the sky, the lads who earlier when it was sunny complained about being outside because it was, “too cold,” are begging to go outside! Go figure! 😉

Ella was trying to “trade” me her little block for my phone. 😉 She is obsessed with electronics already, and LOVES to carry around a phone and pretend to talk on it. It sounds like she has great conversations with it as well if the inflections in her “hum” are any indication. 😉 Once she actually did call someone though, so I try to pacify her with a “phone” which is a remote for my Bose, but she’s too smart to be fooled for long, ha ha!

I made a crock pot potato soup variation this week. It was supposed to be “baked potato” soup, but I got a little carried away with my immersion blender and it ended up more like “mashed potato” soup. I admit I liked it, but our 2 lads, and their cousin gave it 6 thumbs down if the fact that they had to sit at the dinner table for 45 minutes to finish it was an indication. 😉 Oh well… you can’t win them all.

My Valentine gave me a lovely rose, AND another 2 year Flicr-pro account! What fun!! He also left 32 little ‘spy’ valentines all around the house for me to find, and gave me the “ruby decoder” to read the secret messages as I found them. It was a lot of fun! He’s such a thoughtful man!! Oh… and I got chocolate too! Can’t top all of that! I bought him a hand-crafted leather iPhone wallet for his special Christmas gift from moi! It’s not here yet though because handcrafting takes longer. But he’ll love it when it comes, I know!

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