This n’ That

Laundry…. all day… basically that’s it.

I really like Steve Green’s ‘Hide em In Your Heart’ Scripture songs for kids. It’s not annoying kid songs like so many are. 🙂 Plus it’s straight scripture!

Ella is obsessed with my coffee cups. She knows that it’s “hot” and she’s not supposed to touch. She thinks it’s a huge game and whenever she sees my cup she’ll open her mouth as wide as it will go and say, “HA” her version of hot. Ha ha! If I leave my cup unattended she will snag it by the handle and carry it around of course dumping the contents all over the table or the floor in the process. Maybe I should get her her own mug to carry around. 😉

This evening as I was running water for her bath, Ella piddled on the floor. It was hilarious because she looked down with this, “What in the world is happening?!” expression. She also started to stomp in the puddle, but I quickly put an end to that!

I was wadding up a plastic shopping bag and suddenly something STABBED my finger! OUCH!! Rather than rushing to the sink to wash it off and get a bandaid, I instead had to unwad the bag to figure out what had stuck me. Turns out it was a good sized sliver of glass that unbeknownst to me broke off of a NEW glass bake/storage dish with a snap on lid when I was trying out the “snap off” part of it. Grrr!! I solved the mystery of where it came from, but my finger still hurts!

Qade totally cracked me up the other day when he was commenting on something and said, “That’s funny, right there!” just like Mater from the Cars movie! Ha ha ha!!

I saw 3 big coyotes this morning teasing our dog out in front of the house. I say large because they can often be scraggly and skinny, but these looked quite filled out. Almost like someone was “taking care” of them. So when the boys wanted to go out and play this afternoon I told them about it and how they needed to stay in our yard. Qade asked a million questions of course, but finally agreed that staying in the yard was a good idea, and even asked me to close the gate so the coyotes couldn’t get in. 😉

Memo to me: Do not feed the dog when Ella is prowling around outside. You will end up digging dog food out of her mouth! Gross!!

I’m beyond ready for spring now! Any ol’ day it can be nice and warm and sunny and springy! Yep! Actually… I think it’s summer I’m ready for. Can we just skip the allergy and windy season and go straight to summer? Thanks!

I’ve been working on some prop hats that are inspired by my favorite Easter time snack, Peeps! 🙂 I made a little yellow one with button eyes and a little tuft on top and an orange beak. Last night I finished the pistachio-green one and Qade, who has taken a fancy to those hats for some reason, spied it this morning. He picked it up and said, “Good job on the green Eagle hat, Mom!” Ha ha ha ha ha!! I think I’ll be getting him some green peeps for Easter! 😉