Little Gym

Last weekend we spent time with our extended family, and the lads got a chance to go to “Little Gym” with their cousin Helen. I pretty much knew how each of the lads would react to the whole experience, but all in all they said they had a fun time!

There’s lots of pictures in this post so I’m going to hide most of it, just click here to read/see the rest.

Qade is cautious about new experiences. He wasn’t very interested in participating in all of the group fun, but he did enjoy climbing and exploring on his own during their free time.



Myles went back and forth between participating and observing during group time, but was quite the little monkey when turned loose during free play. 😉 Not that there’s a big surprise there! Ha! Stuart commented that our kids do most of this gymnastics stuff in our living room just with not as soft landing spots. 🙂



Helen is quite the acrobat and one of the most bendable children I’ve ever met!

I mean, look at this “dance” move!

The boys got more involved when the balls and the bubbles came out. 🙂

Love how he totally missed the ball with this high kick, and the Michael Jordan tongue is hilarious too!





It was a fun time! I’ve often wished there was something like this for Myles to participate in since he’s such a monkey-boy, but it’s true that he does most of these things on the trees and logs around our home. Just without the music and the buddies and instructor. 🙂 The boys had fun, and I was happy to see them loosen up a bit toward the end at least. They let the instructor give them hand sanitizer and a stamp, so that’s progress. Ha ha! Thanks Auntie Joy for letting us tag along on your gym day! Maybe we’ll get to do it again sometime!!

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