I’m sore! The kettlebell is to blame!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! It warmed up so nicely in the afternoon that the lads were able to play outside sans coats! They were thrilled with that! I sat outside for some time watching Ella and her “sea legs” on the uneven terrain. She tends to be like water when she’s walking outside, her legs just automatically follow the flow of the land, ha ha!

I’m making yogurt again today. 🙂 I can’t wait to have some tomorrow with Maple Syrup on it! YUUUUUUUM!

Stuart bought me a houseplant a couple weeks ago, and so far I haven’t killed it! 🙂 I’d like to have several around the house, since that’s the best way to “filter” your inside air. (Did you know that?) I just have a hard time keeping them alive…. probably something to do with forgetting to water them or something. 😉 Maybe I’ll have better luck this time around.

My iPod Nano (1st generation) that Stuart got for me on our first married Christmas has been recalled. I was a little sad to let it go actually, even though I’ll be getting a new one, because he’d had it engraved on the back to say “Merry Christmas Darling! Love Your Stu” and the new one won’t have that. *sigh* Yes, I can be sentimental, I know. 😉 Anyway, right now I’m somewhat musicless because I don’t have any play lists on my other iPod. I think it might need to be a weekend project for me.

So the headache that was kind of lurking on the fringe of things for awhile has decided to move in and stay for awhile. I think I’m on day 4 or something with it. It hasn’t been a doozy the whole time, but it sure has been annoying. And since it’s been at least that long since I’ve had a really good night’s sleep, I imagine good ol’ headache thinks it’s his prerogative to stick around. Humbug!

Guess who SAT in a pile of goatheads while watching the kids play outside? Yep, it was me! I didn’t sit there for long, I’ll tell ya what! Usually I’m the lucky one who finds those nasty things with my feet in the carpet, but discovering them THIS way was an entirely new, and need I add unpleasant, experience. 😉 (BTW, if you’re still in the dark about what a goat-head is, it’s a very hard, very sharp 3 pointed (hence goat head) sticker that likes to grow in these here parts. I detest them greatly since they often hitch a ride inside on people’s shoes, turn loose in the carpet and then my poor lil unshod feet usually find them.)

Had a little mini-session with Ella today to model her Christmas tutu set that her Auntie Tiff made. I didn’t get any big grins, mostly because she was busy stuffing goldfish in her mouth, but I still got some cute photos!

It’s snowing outside, right now, and that wasn’t supposed to happen till Tuesday! The power out here is SO finicky in any kind of “weather” so it keeps blipping in and out. Twill be an interesting night with my noise-maker randomly shutting off. That wakes me up faster than anything.

Qade enlightened Myels this morning by telling him, “Nutella means chocolate.” I’m happy I’m brining them up right! 😉

P.S. This post was written over the course of several days, as most of my this n that posts are, so the “yesterdays” and “todays” will be off slightly…. just to clear that all up for ya! 😉 Because yesterday we actually had snow, not lovely weather, gotta be honest, you know! 🙂