Toodle-oo Muffin Top

You all know how I have this hate-hate relationship with this low-carb diet thing. But as much as I hate to admit it, because I’d rather have an excuse to quit, it does work. Now I haven’t seen as much progress on the scale that I’d like, but one thing that I have seen progress in, is the decreasing muffin top! 🙂 You know what a muffin top is right? Believe me you’ve all seen it… it’s also known as a spare tire. It’s that revolting jiggly mass that likes to attach itself to people’s midsection that is SO difficult to get rid of. Ugh! Something about having babies adds to the general flappyness of this region. Ha!

Anyway, it was this very muffin-top issue that I noticed in that “pictures never lie” photo! Yuck! It was motivation enough for me to give up carbs though, and now I’m happy that I have. Who knew that carbs always settle there? 😉

I still have a ways to go, and I there’s quite a bit of toning that I need to do… which I’m rather lazy about at the moment, though I have been doing the kettle bell and I’m sure that will help. BUT I should be doing Tabata or other cardio as well. I’ll get there… eventually. 😉 For now I’m enjoying less muffin top and more loose clothing! Ha!