Tis the season for dry, flaky, cracked and painful skin! At least it is for me. This is a somewhat new state of affairs for me. New enough that I’m not really “used” to it yet. I was never the “dry skin” type as a teen. No, I had quite the opposite issue, and it was typical for me to be of shiny skin, and icky looking hair if I “skipped” a shower.

Now, I’m afraid to tell you for fear that you won’t ever want to sit next to me or be my friend again, I cannot shower every day. Even if I wasn’t a mommy with 3 young shower-stealers (believe me that’s what they are… the shower is the first to go when it comes to choosing that or more sleep, ha!) I still couldn’t, for my skin and hair’s sake, shower every day. I dry out terribly!!

Part of it has to do with the VERY minerally/hard water we have where we live, but part of it is just a changing life thing. Kids do weird things to ya! 😉 And getting older does too, but I chose not not think of that as a real reason. Ha ha!

Anyway, all of that to say that my skin is in bad shape if I shower more than every couple of days. And my hair too! I actually can’t stand my “freshly washed” hair because it refuses to look nice! It looks SO much better the next day, or the next even.

So I’m learning to counter these moisture sucking terrors to my skin, but I have to admit that my hands bear the brunt of it. They are naturally more often in water as I do dishes, switch laundry, bathe kids, wash hands, they just don’t get a break. And then they do break. I get paaaaaiiiiinnnnful cracks in my fingers and especially my thumbs, and even the back of my knuckles when they get too dry. Oh and just as an aside, superglue works WONDERS for skin cracks on your fingers. Really!!

But I’ve invented (well probably not very original) a thing I like to refer to as momicures. I’m pretty sure the last manicure I had was the one I got before my wedding…. yep, 6.5 years ago! Wow! My poor hands have been so neglected. 😉 Anyway, what I do is when I have chores to do around the house, which often happens, I slather up my hands with some THICK lotion, (my Hurb got me some great body butter stuff from BB&B and some thick Dr. Scholles foot lotion, and my sis-in-law gave me Avon’s Silicon Glove for Christmas and those all work fantastic!) or Vaseline will work in a pinch too, and put on my lovely rubber gloves. 🙂 I have a pair that I use for icky chores, (like bathroom cleaning and such) that I drew a “yucky face” on so that I don’t get them mixed up with my dishes handling pair. I’m weird that way. But I wear the gloves while I do my chores, and when I’m all done my hands feel SO soft and moisturized!! It’s great!

I try to be conscientious about doing it all the time, because I’m the only one who suffers if I don’t, and believe me that ONE time of loading the dishwasher without gloves (and I don’t even pre-rinse all the dishes) can totally thrash my hands. So I keep lotion under the sink right next to the gloves so I have no “lazy” excuses and so far it’s making a big difference during this dry winter weather! So even if I’m just sweeping or dusting, I try to put on my gloves with lotion. That way I don’t feel all “dirty” like I have to wash my hands when I’m done, and I get some extra moisture at the same time.

Gotta protect that skin! It’s hard to crochet with rough hands! 😉